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Re: I need 'the guy' for everything

Posted by alexandra_k on June 16, 2019, at 3:15:56

In reply to I need 'the guy' for everything, posted by Lamdage22 on June 12, 2019, at 10:42:50

those puzzle mats are tricky.

i hurt myself and i needed to go to the pharmacist / doctor.

that annoyed me.

i've been learning a bunch of stuff and i realise that i'm useless. i don't know anything. i don't know anything useful.

i didn't know what was wrong.

i thought it might be musculoskeletal. i went to the gym and the instructor encouraged me to do a bunch of thrusters with a fairly heavy weight. i am not used to doing a bunch of them when i'm tired. i am used to doing 1-3 reps with a good break to refresh ATP / creatine phosphate stores between reps. I was expecting delayed onset muscle soreness. i got a very stiff neck with sharp pain when i moved it and a lot of pain lying down because my head was too heavy... tired... maybe confusion... hard to tell...

bacterial meningitis? i could be breeding antibiotic resistent bacteria with my broad spectrum take 'em when i feel like it cystic acne reduction program...


can i smash my spinal cord so it herneates out the disks like how people get cerebellar tonsils herneating out of the base of the brain skull? it felt like that. i was pretty sure... spinal cord injury. i shouldn't be allowed to sleep - right? might have damaged breathing centres... it hurt to swallow. maybe i would choke on my tongue in my sleep...

i probably needed a back board to hold my head.

external fixture by drilling into my skull -- probably overkill...

i didn't know what was wrong.

pulled a muscle?

there was no line of pull, though. not a muscle. fibre orientation. no. maybe a ligament.

i reckon it was whiplash. the doctor was like 'but there is no mechanism'. and i realised she didn't know what it was to properly work at weightlifting. the forces that go through the body...

but i was thinking bacterial meningitis...

i was worried about my spinal cord / brain.

i needed to stay still for a few days. yeah.

i hate it when i feel i have to go to the doctor... and then i go... and then i'm like... why do i have to go to the doctor? i should just do it on my own.



apparently you can take ibupropen and paracetamol at the same time. or... alternate them or something so you don't overdose on them... i didn't know that. huh.

how is your floor now??

i like those puzzle mat floors.




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