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Re: the people of New Zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on December 13, 2019, at 20:37:33

In reply to Re: the people of New Zealand, posted by alexandra_k on December 13, 2019, at 20:23:54

The solution is actually very simple and actually very obvious.

You make engineering, medicine, and law graduate entry only degrees.

And you make undergraduate degrees 4 years with a depth component and a breadth component.

And you make courses 'upper level' and 'lower level' (2 levels only with either no pre-requisite or with pre-requisite) so you don't get a stage 3 bottleneck where basically one person gets the power to choose whether they like your face enough to ruin your future career or not because you said something they disapproved of in your laboratory report (e.g., that you did not elicit the dive reflex in your laboratory because the dive reflex is defined as a phenomenon that occurs when heart rate drops below I forget what -- which is as you would expect since in untrained subjects it will only be elicited under conditions of extreme duress).

I see that many US institutions have stopped grading their students.

Or made the course 'satisfactory' or 'unsatisfactory'. The idea is that you have worked really hard to get to go to the University at all... So they trust that you are there because you want to be there and you are learning and working... And they give you (in that manner) space to try differnt things and not have to do the 'stupid lecturer / dodgey grading schedule' course dodge to avoid people who will unthinkingly (or fully knowing what they do) ruin your future prospects / intentionally close things off for you.

Otherwise you end up with a awful system where the kids are terrified of their lecturers / the graders failing them just because... Because the kid wasn't supplicant enough.

Maybe because the kid didn't go to a meeting when requested.

Maybe because the kid didn't perform sexual favors in the meeting when requested.

For whatever reason.

The Universities here decided the best way to make money for the board of directors / the university council was to close as many subjects as they could. Basically the aim seemed to be to close everything except teh absolute bare minimum. That is to say, students need to do 7 or 8 courses in their first year. So... Why not have all the students do all the same courses. Why not have only 1 lecturer to teach 1/7 or 1/8 of the entire first year curriculum across the whole of the... Degree? Or why not just close down the Degree programs one by one and then we can have only 1 lecturer teaching 1/7 or 1/8 of teh entire first year currculum across the entire university.

And people can go to class to watch the tv screen where the lecturers face is presented.

But why do that?

Why not just stay home.

The lecturer can teach from home.

Teh students can watch tv from home.

But why teach it at all.

The lecture can be replayed from the previous year.

Turnitin can grade the work.

We don't need to hire graders.

We end up with buildings...

But nobody goes unless you make them for credit.

They just gutted the university. That was the plan.

That's been what's been happening since I got back.

Everything progressively gets shut down.

Because people decided everybody should do the same thing always.

First year is designed to be horrible enough for the 'chosen few' to be terrified that they will not get to join the ruling class / that they will be 'unchosen'.

First year is designed to be horrible enough for the unchosen to be terrified that they will nto get to join the ruling class / that they will not be 'chosen'.

The money from the 'unchosen' is distributed to the 'chosen'.

The chosen get the second year places in the professional degrees...

They get the professional degrees...

We then spend the next however many generations lamenting the fact that our professional degree people only seem to be working to profiteer themselves at the expense of everybody else and aren't contributing to the development of society at all.

But that's what we selected for.

No surprises, there.

No surprises, at all.




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