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Re: the people of New Zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on December 12, 2019, at 22:17:58

In reply to Re: the people of New Zealand alexandra_k, posted by beckett2 on December 12, 2019, at 21:08:19

Yes, I had the interview.

It went better than I feared it would.

I did not feel / display anger at / to the interviewers, I don't think.

I was told last year that I did better than average for other applicants of my category (general graduate). They did not say how much better.

I think I did better this year than I did last year.

Last year I messed up the role play station. I was perhaps a little disconnected in the next couple because of it. Not because of feeling upset / emotion dysregulation but because I mis-interpreted the purpose / point of the role play station. I thought it was interpersonal skills / empathy / communication but it was how much you wanted to do Med. They wanted me to be more forceful, I mean to say. Not 'there there feel better' but 'you should never ever ever ever ever even think of dropping out of Med not for any reason at all'.

Sometimes questions just disconnect a little.

The next station, too. He wanted me to sign the praises of the NZ system of accreditation and I just couldn't do that. Fortunately recent events in NZ meant that topic wasn't on the agenda.

There was a nice seeming lady who said she was an anesthetist. I got to tell her I wanted to be a surgeon.

Otherwise it's hard because I feel like there is a huge push towards general practice / public health and you sort of aren't allowed to say that you want to do surgery or be a specialist. I feel that I was failed out of public health before because I was honest with them about how I wanted to be a surgeon. And they were all like 'we can't afford surgeons' and 'the people don't need surgeons they need mothers and you would make a good mother and then we won't have to pay you' and so on...

So it was nice to have her (whether she was an anesthetist or was role playing one makes no difference it gave me permission to speak).

I disconnected with the volunteering lady.

But that helped me see what went wrong with Otago. The interview panel was anglican church. Hospice / St John volunteering. Things like that. The volunteering people don't like me. I don't think much of rattling a tin for a board of directors and the fact that in NZ charity is a way to avoid paying taxes is all. Our charities are multi million or billion or whatever dollar businesses. Helping themselves more than anybody else.

Not a bad disconnect... But there was a disconnect. Then near the end she tried to ask me something but couldn't ask... I don't know what it was.. Maybe it was for comment on my thoughts on volunteering overseas...

The last guy basically asked me my thesis question.

I said a few things that... May or may not be accepted.

We can agree to disagree...

But the fact that I said what I thought (when asked specifically)...

I don't know.

I think they went fairly well. Really well in a couple / few, at least. Not badly in any.

The other component is the UCAT. They did the UMAT before and told me I scored just a little below average. Which makes a mockery of the test, I think. ANyway... I don't know how well I did. I think they teased different skills / abilities out better than the UMAT. I think I did fairly well / very well on verbal comprehension and quite well in verbal reasoning. Not sure I got any of the maths questions correct. Maybe okay in data analysis. Completing the pictures... I don't know that I got a single one of those, either. I felt like I guessed them all.

I am supposed to feel like it is a matter of luck. I think that is the idea. I am supposed to feel like it is a matter of luck.

But it is about making people apply the maximum number of times...

Otago interviewed me because last minute flights and accommodation was a tourist boost to the region. I wouldn't have bothered interviewing at all if I had have known they would refuse to consider my GPA when they were deciding on places. I knew the 'alternative' category allowed for people to have other things factored in... VOlunteering experience. Marrying a doctor and so on... But I didn't realise that GPA wouldn' tbe considered at all (apparently because some people didn't have one therefore nobody's GPA was allowed to count because that wouldn't have been fair).

They just do whatever the f*ck they want.

Seems to be what they intentionally want to beleive about themselves / convey to others.

It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Disgust.

But the interview was okay. It was okay last year, too. The people seemed decent. Good people. Stark contrast to the rest of the process...

I just feel like a f*ck*ng idiot that I came back here at all to do Med. I know people thought I was a fool -- but people didn't know my GPA. I didn't know that my GPA is actually irrelevant, though. They will just not consider it if they don't want to. And now the University of Waikato has set about generating false transcript after false transcript after false transcript for me... THey seem to be basically saying that they can just say 'no she didn't go here' if someone checks on my qualifications. That actually seems to be how corrupt things are, here.

THe theses aren't being lodged where the theses are supposed to go.

They aren't *burning* the books they are *refusing to bind and lodge the books*.

F*ck*ng anti-university.

F*ck*ng joke.




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