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Re: the people of New Zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on December 13, 2019, at 20:47:25

In reply to Re: the people of New Zealand, posted by alexandra_k on December 13, 2019, at 20:37:33

And what the 'upper and lower level only' thing does it it encourages all the different subjects to develop a lower and an upper level course.

All the subjects.

Because all the students need to take a range of subjects.

So now the way to help your chosen students is to help sensible curriculum develop across a range of subjects.

Of course it doesn't change the fundamental problem of people not grading things. Or of employing stupid grading criteria...

There are still basic things that can be done... Making people blind grade student work.

I don't understand this. When I started grading I was instructed to blind grade. There was oversight. Things really have gone backwards, here, in the way the grading schedules have been developed. Weirdly. By people who don't have the vocubulary to understand synonyms. Who don't have the cognitive capacity to grasp the concepts or whatever that the students are supposed to demonstrate understanding of.

You take people who aren't capable of summarising what the journals have said and they aren't able to teach others to summarise what the journals have said. Or... Worse... People don't seem to know it when they see it. Only I don't htink that is it. I think they do know it when they see it. They intentionally flunk that out.

I was reading in the paper something about a 10 year old doing engineering in... Amsterdam? He wanted to be the youngest person to get the degree. The University changed his examination schedule because they said he was 'too young' and he 'couldn't demonstrate ability in creative' or something...

It was just a little blurb.

But it make no sense at all.
But it describes what happens all the time.

People decide that they know better than the examination process so they refuse to apply the examination process. They refuse to give people what the examination process says they should have... They enroled him. Why can't he graduate with his cohort? Did they only enrol him because they thought they would be able to flunk him out earlier in the Degree?

Waikato only enroled me because they thought I lacked the capacity to do the Degree.

They thought I was slow.

Other Universities...

Nobody would have agreed to supervise me.

Why? BEcause they knew / know I had the capacity to do the Degree. So they never would have agreed to supervise me because we don't sign our students off.

Our graduate research Degrees are given to people at the END of their career. So we don't have to pay them.

Or let them go.

We can just market them as slow and stupid and needing to be institutionalised to be forever micro-mis-managed by others.

It is about incompetent people being promoted or hired into jobs they are not competent for.

They become accustomed to the money.

Then they become devoted / committed to seeking out those who are more competent than they and ending them.

It is not a very nice environment to work in.

Unless you are not very competent.

But enjoy passing yourself off as rich and important.





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