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Re: the people of New Zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on December 13, 2019, at 3:34:39

In reply to Re: the people of New Zealand alexandra_k, posted by beckett2 on December 13, 2019, at 0:25:21


I think sometimes they intentionally select for psychopaths. Because they think they know what motivates them and they think they can control them / control that. Or hold that over them as leverage. Something like that.

I thought Otago was intentionally selecting for that.

I see now it was about politics. Political places. Anglican church (only God decides when it is time for you to go and the minister is Gods representative on earth, of course, the minister will come and read you your last rights after you have signed your estate to the church maybe God will grant you a peaceful death).

And hospice. Multi million dollar charity involved in end life care. Some... Very controlling people are attracted to that kind of work. To work with people and see them suffer and believe that that must play out. That they are required to suffer for the end of their days. To have control. To have control of the pain medication and so on... And of course with the wills thing, again, and the timing of the peaceful death. Whether there will be a peaceful death, at all.

And I am sure that there are many good people in both of those organisations. But I am also sure that many psychopaths are attracted to that kind of work.

More recently (over the last year) there have been incidents where people have been called into account. Medical students particularly. A doctor who was found guilty of murdering a teenage / young adult girl after she threatened to expose him as a sexual predator. Students who would ask / tell students sitting tests later what questions were on the test. Students who lied about their work placements (not attending for the full 10 weeks) to holiday around exotic locations.

Apparently all of these things are culturally normal.

But over the last year the people with power finally said publically 'actually no, this is not okay'.

The students didn't graduate. They still have their work placements to do.

But then I didn't get to graduate either. And where is the justice for me?

I think they delayed me a year so they could inflate the GPA of the next cohort. I think they are in the process of changing the way they calculate GPA because they don't like that I have the GPA I do according to their calculation.

In other words: To keep me (people like me) out.

I don't see how else to see that.




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