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Re: the people of New Zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on December 12, 2019, at 19:50:19

In reply to Re: the people of New Zealand alexandra_k, posted by beckett2 on December 12, 2019, at 18:53:33

Thanks, Beckett. It was years ago, now, but pretty hard to deal with at the time, for sure.

My brother was a really terrific human being. He did really well to put up with a kid sister 10 years his junior. I remember I loved playing with him. We would play cricket and kick around in swimming pools of various sizes. Splashing about or swimming underwater or diving or whatever. He was really very good to me.

I am going slightly mad because my motorcycle died. The motor can't run the headlight so it failed its warrant of fitness. My mother said she would help me out with another but then I got to thinking about bicycles... Anyway... She said it would help things with her if we waited until the end of this month. So I have no motorcycle and no bicycle and I'm going mad feeling stuck in the ghetto in the sweltering heat.

It's not sweltering -- but it it very warm. And with no air conditioning that means opening all the windows / door. And I am right by the ER so helecopters and sirens. And I am right by a hilly road with lights. So motorcycles revving and trucks revving (sounds like) from the lights to accelerate up the hill from a stop.

And waiting on Med. And feeling incredulous that Waikato is pretending to be too stupid to parse reports of examiners and incredulous that they haven't processed my Degree properly. And wondering if Auckland has the same planned for me for Med, again.

And I'm f*ck*ng livid that it feels engineered, somehow, for me to be like 'oh, maybe they will choose to fail me' so I am supplicant and help-seeking.

And I am angry that they would intentionally not do their jobs in order to induce that...

That if they don't see an expression of that then they would actually just refuse to process my Degree.

Angry that they would think that that performance (not doing their job in a timely fashion) would have anybody want to join them.

It is a strange thing...

My sister said about my niece that she remembers being given quite a hard time when she was coming through (medical imaging). Many people were unnecesssarily mean. She is kind to the students because she remembers how that felt.

I said to my sister that it turns out that attitude is rare. Most people put up with the nastiness clinging to the thought that they will get to join them and inflict the same trauma on the next generation.

Awful people.





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