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Re: the people of New Zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on December 11, 2019, at 17:24:56

In reply to Re: the people of New Zealand, posted by alexandra_k on December 11, 2019, at 17:15:03

And the ineptitude and incompetence of the people who have nothing better to do all day but go about bossing other people about. Who are too stupid to see that no good comes of it. That for all their bossing nothing is produced. No good is done in the world. That all their bossing is doing is preventing the people from going about their business which would have more liklihood of better outcomes than the status quo.

It makes me so f*ck*ng mad.

Coming back to this hell hole and watching it go down the toilet. I think things have gotten worse and worse and worse every year since I came back, here.

All and only the people without capacity promoted to positions of power where they have all the money all the resources and bitch and whinge and moan about how the problem is that nobody listens to them...

You have to be f*ck*ng kidding me.

I was reading something in the paper today about how the people in charge of writing NCEA mathematics examinations are basically not competent in the task. Not for lack of trying. Many meetings, I am sure, but they simply cannot write good questions. Then the grading schedule allows for only one way of solving the problem and studnets will be marked incorrectly if they (for example) solve the problem using algebra becuase the calculus problem didn't require calculus for the solution). And about how every paper has 5 sets of eyes on it and that doesn't solve the basic problem of inempt people writing the exam and devising stupid grading criterion.

it was kind of interesting for me to read that. i thought people liked to do maths because either your proof / way of solving worked, or it didn't. it wasn't the case that you could be failed because of the stupidity of the grader. only apparently that isn't so. you can in fact be failed becuase of the stupidity of the f*ck*ng task that was set and the stupidity of the allowable solutions. New Zealand has even managed to f*ck up assessing competence in mathematics.

in the arts / social sciences / humanities it is becoming increasingly common for teachers to not know how to reference. they become over-focused on details of referencing. failing students for not putting a full stop in the right place. they have lost the basic insight of WHEN you are supposed to have a reference. Of WHY you are supposed to reference (to provide some further support of your claim that is likely to be controversial) and to basically understand that the point of referencing 'properly' is to give the reader the information they need to locate the f*ck*ng thing you are referring to. that is teh point of it. to provide enough information so that they can find the relevant bit of what you have referenced in a timely fashion.

instead we have universities advertising 'top 1 percent of universities'. no reference. no ability to reference. no ability to do mathematics. no ability to distinguish marketing / advertising from information.

they take government money and they confer degrees (only usually to the most incompetent).

they take international students money.

how can these practices be condoned, at all?

what a f*ck*ng joke.




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