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Re: President Trump and Queen Elizabeth II

Posted by alexandra_k on June 16, 2019, at 2:42:59

In reply to Re: President Trump and Queen Elizabeth II, posted by alexandra_k on June 16, 2019, at 2:17:51

i keep wondering what is going on. what is going wrong. why is it that things repeatedly go wrong for me...

i think the things were supposed to go... maximum time. that's the idea. there are international laws. or... there are local laws or regulations or whatever that are only in place becuase we needed to put them there in order to have international accreditation or whatever so that we could take money from international students in the name of offering them a tertiary education.

when it comes to undergraduate degrees it needs to be possible for the students to complete the degree in the minimum time. that means that they need to be able to complete their 3 year degree in 3 years. we can't say they need to complete this compulsory 3rd year course and then only offer that course every alternative year so they need to hang about for another 6 months or a year in order to complete requirements for their degree. it needs to be possible for them to complete the degree in the minimum or normal time.

when it gets to graduate level study apparently there are no such regulations, however. so the universities have it into their heads they are allowed to take the maximum fee payments from the students, or they can require the students to take the maximum amount of time.

it starts out by strongly encouraging students delay submitting their thesis for 6 months. in other words, they try and encourage students to voluntarily agree to reenrol for 6 months at the start. they spring on them at the last minute something that the student didn't plan for in their timeline and try and make the student feel bad like they don't deserve to complete in a timely fashion or whatever... if the student won't voluntarily be cowed into handing over another 6 months fees at the submission point then the outcome of the examination will be interpreted by the university as requiring the student enrol for another 6 months to revise the thesis and then resubmit it again.

so, either way, an additional 6 months fees will be paid on every graduate level qualification. teh student will either voluntarily agree to it or the university will make them and say that the examiners required this of them.

even in my case there the examiners did not require this of me, at all.

i wonder in how many cases they try it on both ways to get an additional year's worth of fees...

they think they are entitled to keep you for the maximum time. with you throwing money at them or they will fail you out / not give you your qualification.

that's graduate school in new zealand.

who would want to play that game?

if you want to apply to medicine one route is to complete a degree in nz in the 'minimum time'. they don't tell students that nobody completes graduate degrees in the 'minimum time'. there are ungraded graduate degrees, too. pass / fail. no grades. so how do they calcuate your gpa? there is this rumour that goes around. that it is 9.0 (maximum). a rumour that was started by some mischevious person to persuade people not to work at undergraduaets 'that's okay i want to do a phd anyway so i'll apply from there'. it actually doesn't contribute to the GPA so it only gives you eligability and not GPA. but it doesn't contribute for eligability because nobody is allowed to complete their graduae degrees in the minimum time.

so the graduate qualifications from new zealand are worthless. everyone will wonder why you are so f*ck*ng slow you can't do any work on time. because the people around you are only interested in having you stick around indefinately getting yourself into more and more debt to pay for their continued and increased incompetence.

i guess the idea of medical selection is once again to extract the maximum that can possibly be extracted.

what does that mean?

that means students are required to apply the maximum number of times they may apply before gaining a place.

except for all the legacy places.

but the legacy places can only get you so far... more particularly, the legacy places will have no clout in the overseas specialist training programs. because your daddy is not on the selection panel for that. so it can't be so. it can get you into medical school... but that's it. i would imagine.

otherwise it's just all about extracting the maximum.

i guess that's what i saw from australia. the phd students over there who went on to do med. from australian phd. australian phd wasn't going to help me with med selection to nz though. i needed to do a nz qualification. which is next to impossible because nz doesn't make hiring decisions on the basis of productivity.

i guess there was a thing about haha i was always going to have to wait just one more year.

it wasn't smart of me to have run when the population health idiots failed me because i refused to attend an individual meeting and suck their dick -- or whatever equivalent they had planned for me... i was supposed to apply and have my application declined. then that would have been one failed application. which was what i needed for the next one to have been accepted.

i expect that is it.

and that is why i am stuck 'just one more year'.

i am thinking of when anybody has ever taken my medical history. when anybody has ever done a physical exam. not since prior to puberty.

i am thinking of how much time i spent on the psych ward before i became convinced i would do a better job of it than 99 per cent of the psychiatrists the DHB hired to do that job.

i know already they plan to teach us nothing...

the MCAT sociology stuff tries to teach that it is the absence / lack of organisation. rather than malevolent intent.

i don't know.

we talk about the invisible hand driving the market in good directions. why not the invisible hand for bad.

i am sick of philosophy.

i am sick of having to cry to the welfare office every week because they don't give me enough to live as a person (instead of an animal). i am sick of not having my basic human rights met in this country. i am sick of peole who don't know what a closed door / locked door means. i am sick of people passing themselves off as having authority when they have none. i am sick of people continually pushing pushing pushing what is your name and your age and your date of birth and your work and income number and your password for this, that, and the other thing... i am sick sick sick sick so very very very sick of here.

and the district health boards rubs it's hands in glee that it is doing such a fantastic job of growing it's business there will be pay increases all around for all board members next year!!

we don't have basic public / social services in this country anymore. firefighters isn't a thing. ambulance is private unless it is wellington. putting on a show for vising politicians 'wellington free ambulance'. no other region has a free ambulance service. police... yeah... well...




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