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Re: good advice then and now

Posted by alexandra_k on June 6, 2019, at 17:51:12

In reply to Re: good advice then and now, posted by alexandra_k on June 6, 2019, at 17:30:52

I am imaginging having the kind of parents who would have been good to have. I am imagining what they would say to me / how they would advise me, given what I know, now.

I think...

My not having been born is probably the best thing that could have happened to me.

This isn't a whim or anything like that. I have been banging on about precisely this, repeatedly, for years now. Documented evidence here... All over these boards.

Oh, what's that? Other people prefer me to be alive. Like to kick at me. Like to withhold the resources I need from me. Like to see me beg for food and like to force me to live with others 'for my own good' and so on...


Tis a wonderful life, for them.

Well... That's what they get. THey decided to chase the money. NOw they have the money. That's why they chased it. They wanted it. They wanted teh things that money can buy. The power to maek it such that other people cannot get away from you.

Help me...

They say sometimes.

Mostly they say...

Kill me.

People in these parts don't want to live. That's why they don't want Medicine and Surgery. They don't want informed consent. THey want to chase the money and get the money and inflict what it is that they want on people. They want the people around them to do a half-*ss*d job of pretending to like being bullied and treated like garbage. It doesn't have to be flawless because they actually like seeing the... SPirit. I guess that's maybe what it is. That's why people are so awful to me. Because I didn't sell out for the money. Because I won't lie to their face like they want me to. Because I won't play in to their game.

I think about how low productivity is. HOw not much is being produced. I think about how my supervisor had to ask 5 people before she found 2 examiners for a thesis and how one of the people sent their report back late. Her response was to... Not do her job of working with me to get the changs signed off on within 10 weeks. Instead, she insists on sending it back to htem... SO they play football of nobody doing their job for as long as possible. Until the Univesrity is forced to decide whether to fail me out or grudgingly give me the qualification because it is losing me either way.

And that's how it's done in these parts.

Which is why Auckland has this whole 'the qualification must be done in the minimum time' requirement.

So they can say 'ineligable!' and cull the applicants who are not their own babies.

Tis genius.

In a land fill of psychopathic foetal alchohol affects syndrome tribal chieftan leaders!

f*ck*ng genius




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