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Re: SOS from the US

Posted by alexandra_k on June 1, 2019, at 0:29:26

In reply to Re: SOS from the US, posted by alexandra_k on June 1, 2019, at 0:20:31

because someone wants to play 'you lose therefore i win'.
because they win.
and because...

they get a kick out of you lose.

people will not voluntarily play with them.
it isn't fun playing with people who are trying to make you lose because they find you losing something intrinsically pleasurable for them.

so then they become very invested in making sure that the people they like to play with cannot get away.

nasty nasty nasty nasty people.

they spout all kinds of nonsense rubbish in some kind of attempt to justify what they are up to / what they are doing. but it is just confabulation.. b*llsh*t... nonsense...

they aren't interested in playing a different kind of game.

they often seem... somewhat resigned to things when the tide turns and they lose.

that's why... was it karen horney? I don't remember... someone thought that people genuinely did have a death instinct. that there was an urge or motivation to die.

that is the flipside of that kind of game.

that game...

doesn't allow for medicine.

because that game is all about taking advantage of others if one can get away with it. that's basically the antithesis of helping others.

people don't understand what helping others means.

they don't expect others to help them...

only they do.

they don't question tehir 'health professionals' they trust that their health professionals are acting in their interests.

but why would they think that?

would they do that if they were employed as health professionals?



it is hypocracy. there is something irrational about it. stupid. short-sighted. etc.




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