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Re: President Trump and Queen Elizabeth II

Posted by alexandra_k on June 16, 2019, at 2:17:51

In reply to President Trump and Queen Elizabeth II, posted by sigismund on June 13, 2019, at 22:11:44

it seems to me that it is the people who do not wish to let the monarchy go.

the people who leave gifts. who turn out in the streets to mourn or celebrate. who buy the tabloids to read all about it.

an ideology.

but they sell it.

i am fairly curious about the marketing whereby the chick from the TV series `Suits' gets to be princess. As in, the new Lady Diana. Much beloved by the people. Everybody wants to be her but nobody is jealous of her (or she's protected from that, somehow) partly by being so... Nice. The role was very scripted...

We feel sad for her because she knows what it is like to work so very very very hard for something... Or to want something so very very much and then not get it. Not get to Harvard. So we don't mind that she gets to be princess. She deserves something nice in her life... She's minority group (black father).

Brilliant marketing, really.

Like Trump on 'The Apprentice'. My mother liked the way he said 'your fired!' she thought 'that guy knows how to fire the dead wood. He'll be good for the economy'.

Brilliant marketing, really.

So it isn't just that the people want them / like them / won't let them go.

But they were sold to the people.

Constructed for the people.

The whole Clancy thing from that Philip K Dick book. What would clancy do. This idea of a leader who is an... Ideal... An ideal or ideology of a leader. An actor. For public performance. Who knows about the actual man or woman. About their genuine personality. What makes them laugh or cry.

I expect they are selected largely for their ability to laugh or cry on demand.


Who the script writers are is interesting...

It is interesting the things they say. It does matter. What the avatars say does matter. Because it is an ideology or whatever that is presented.

I have to sit the UCAT soon. The whole thing is a joke. It is designed to select the High School students who will go on to do best at University level science and eventually Medicine. Apparently the test is most useful for predicting performance at University science.

I get to do the test because...

Given that I do well at University level science that means the test should be calibrated towards me. Towards what I say.



I'm thinking now of the A minuses and the B's I get.

I'm thinking now of questions like 'which of the lateral ventricles is the first ventrical' Left. Right. About how questions like this are 'high end distinguishers' that determine the difference between A and A+ grades or whatever...

How I hemorrhage marks because...

My ID number tells them I'm not the typical first year.

It's so f*ck*ng obvious.

And what are you going to do about it?

That's the way things are, here.

Things have gotten worse.

Objectively there are things you can measure...

Like how there used to be good books in teh libraries. Books that were donated when the libraries were founded and stuff like that. Paintings and arts.

The stuff gets blocked off from public access supposedly for it's own good. For security. But then people cannot access it at all. Then it's sold off / gone.

The Universities... Everything...

It's all been gutted from here.




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