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Re: good advice then and now

Posted by alexandra_k on June 6, 2019, at 17:41:35

In reply to Re: good advice then and now, posted by alexandra_k on June 6, 2019, at 17:30:52

And this whole thing of intentionally selecting for psychopaths. People who will say whatever you want them to say and feign feel however you want them to feign feel for...

For what?

For why?

What kind of character does that / can do that?

Can present a different face to the world so well?

Some psychotherapy person had clients from that population base... Someone wrote about that... Trying to remember...

I suppose we select FOR them because we know other people select AGAINT them. There's this whole attempt to be game theoretic 'smarter than you' and by thrusting forward all the people the overseas ones won't want so much you...


Force them to take the ones you want to get rid of.

I guess.

Then you gotta ask 'what's the plan'?

I guess it's likely to be to get the family out. When you consider the whole developing 'how low can we go' trajectory that New Zealand is on then it's failry clearly something like that...

Hence the whole 'how's / who's the family' mentality about the whole thing.

You don't get to not have a herd / tribe / pack in these parts.

It's like Paupa New Guniea. It's not safe for people anymore.

Everyone involved in my MPhil is pretending to be an idiot. Pretending to not know the most basic things about what their job is and what they are supposed to be doing. Feigning incompetence. Dragging their heels.

Because that's their job. THey nailed it.

Their job is to make sure that the kids of the ones who are picked to do Law or Medicine or Engineering or whatever... It is to ensure that those kids will not stray from what their life path has been determined to be. If they picked to do something in the Arts for fun... Then the idea is that it will be so awful and the kids who do best in the Arts are only the kids who are never allowed to do well in anything else...

So everyone runs back to their 'proper place'.

That's our genius plan to boost GDP.

How low can we go??


How low do other nations want us to go?

I guess that's the idea, too.

How bad do things have to be in.. I don't know. Mexico. New Zealand. Before people want to move to America and... I don't know. Clean your toilet for you?

Tis a nasty business all around.




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