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Re: new vacuum parts

Posted by alexandra_k on June 13, 2020, at 19:11:23

In reply to Re: new vacuum parts, posted by rjlockhart37 on June 13, 2020, at 14:29:49

Hmm... That's actually interesting. I have a very cheap suction vaccum that has a very firm row of nylon bristles that I can set to be out or retracted. If the bristles are out then they drag across the top of the carpet and it picks up my hair a lot better. It's more like if I run the flat of my hand over the surface of the carpet I can collect up hair or even make a little hair-ball. I wouldn't use the nylon bristle setting on a twist pile woolen carpet, though, becuase I think it would grab and tear the fibers.

It's a good idea to maybe use the beater bar for a deeper cleaning maybe less frequently.

Sounds like you have a wool lose pile carpet. I think I'm supposed to know about these things because of wool... My Dad was a builder so he would talk about these things... Carpet is a big deal. As is underlay. I am a big fan of underlay with my feet injuries. I like to spend time on the floor. I don't like to feel carpet-burn on my knees and ankles from shifting around, though. But I do find it so much more comfortable for walking to have decent quality underlay.

I have used one of those upright hoovers at some point. I think it was hospitality at ANU, actually. I remember thinking that that style wouldn't be good for getting right up agains the walls. But then, no style is, really, and you have to take the time to run a different end fixture to do things properly. I liked the weight of the vaccum. Felt like it encouraged me to move it slowly across the suface. Rather than scrubbing accross the top of it as I tend to do with my lighter one.

I know good vaccums aren't cheap. But then, they were designed to last a lifetime (and then some).




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