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Re: new vacuum parts

Posted by alexandra_k on June 11, 2020, at 3:29:17

In reply to Re: new vacuum parts, posted by alexandra_k on June 11, 2020, at 3:05:48

i am not very good at cleaning, anymore. i used to be better. i would clean things once a week. it would take about half a day.

then i got tired of it taking about half a day. so i tried to distribute things better.

living by myself i don't feel the need to clean up after myself if i don't feel like it. then, when i do feel like it everything gets to be spotless. just the way i like it. i think i do the vaccuming when i start to feel a bit sneezy. basically.

mostly it's hair. i don't know how i'm not bald for the hair i shed on surfaces and into the shower.

i think showers are best cleaned when you are in them, too. can scrub jiff around while you are waiting for conditioner to do it's thing.

dishes can be left rinsed or with a little water to soak and washed prior to next use...

i don't know. it's just me. otherwise... otherwise... i start to feel like i'm cleaning all day. tidying up and cleaning all day. and i don't like to feel like that. i'd rather live in a mess. i've learned. or... come to peace with, i guess. i'll make my bed before i get into it. but not otherwise. etc.

i do like having my own cave. feels like.

until everything has to be clean. and aired out. etc.

i don't know.

maybe it's partly because i live in what feels like a bustling area. i don't like to feel on display. i do feel on display with curtains open and windows open. on display to the people passing by. i don't like to feel like that. so i want to keep curtains closed for privacy. i mean, i like to have things aired out. i'm grateful it's easy to make a wind-tunnel by opening windows, no problems with air-flow... but i like to not feel on display.

i wouldn't object to a glass wall that was mirror on outside or opaque on outside. or clear looking out to private space. but with the people about i feel more cave about my house. protective of it as my own personal space, i mean to say. messy. maybe as part of that.

i suppose i kept my house in dunedin cleaner because i felt it was more private. i mean to say.

i don't know.




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