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Re: business model

Posted by alexandra_k on May 26, 2020, at 19:21:28

In reply to business model, posted by alexandra_k on May 26, 2020, at 19:10:08

My problem was that I thought people could tell the difference.

Many people don't know what they are talking about -- and they are certified. And many people do know what they are talking about -- and they are not certified.

I had this basic belief or trust that people could tell the difference between the people who knew what they were talking about the people who didn't know. That people could see the difference between people who knew what they were doing and the people who didn't.

I thought that there would be a meritocracy on hirings and firings and recognition and so on.

I genuinely thought that things were a meritocracy. So the certificiate was irrelevant / besides the point.

For things like philosophoy and personal training.

NOt for things like electrical work and plumbing. Obviously. Because of professional standards and regulation and...

I guess I didn't think that through enough with respect to personal training.


People think that I *couldn't* get the certificate because I didn't get the certificate. And when you consider all the things that most of the people who got the certificiate can't do (all the kids who got herded through because someone went and fetched them for class each day etc etc).. The fact that I didn't get the certificiate...

Means that people in NZ actually think that there must be someting really rather seriously very very wrong with me. I mean... When you look at many of the kids they gave the certificate to...

Oh, but don't worry about her -- she'll be okay.

That's always been the excuse as to why I am expected to live on disability crying for my basic needs instead of people processing my work and signing me off.




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