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Re: business model

Posted by alexandra_k on May 26, 2020, at 19:28:21

In reply to Re: business model, posted by alexandra_k on May 26, 2020, at 19:21:28

It's because she doesn't want to join us.

That's why they think 'well then go live in your slum then or f*ck off and die we don't care if you don't want to live like us / with us / think you are better than us?? well then you deserve what you get....'

But it isn't about 'better than' it is about good fit.

It is nice to try different things and get to choose what you do.

Why didn't my teachers... Say 'Look. Just get the certificate. It shows people you have these basic skills like the ability to retain enough informationt and have enough literacty to write some basic examinations. Turn up to class on time. Stuff like that.'

To which I would have said: But I've proven all that already. I did a Bachelor of Arts with Honors and I wrote an MA thesis. I don't have to prove I have basic literacy to anybody. I don't have to prove that I can turn up to class on time.

And then they would have said:

'oh, but the University of Waikato will simply take their degree back. They will simply lie about what you did for them however many years ago. Recency wins! if you don't pass this certificate today then you will have a transcript that tells people that there must be something really seriouly wrong with you. maybe you have a hardcore drug problem or... that is what peple will think. if you fail this course (that everyone passes) at tech'.

It's not really about people being able to tell the difference or not... Because it's not that hard to assess that I can read and turn up on time and things like that. I've never had a problem with any of those things... It's about what it is that people think they can get away with. And about this momentum... THis ball rolling... Gaining momentum... On NZ coming to this belief that I'm an idiot incompetent who must not be allowed to do anything at all (certainly not allowed to complete work on time to international standards) I mean jeepers...




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