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Re: business model

Posted by alexandra_k on May 26, 2020, at 19:38:43

In reply to Re: business model, posted by alexandra_k on May 26, 2020, at 19:28:21

And Physiotherapy...

There is no quiet place for silent study anywhere on campus.

You know the sound of people *trying* (but not succeeding) in studying? Rustling papers. Sighing.

But worse. All the chairs set up so that people were in eye contact with each other so that you were required to continually attend to continually attend to continually attend to other people. They could give you a little wave or a little kick demanding your attention. Little smiles and giggles and bumps on demand. That atmostphere is not conducive to focused reading or writing at all. Just when you start to hyper-focus someone senses it and immediately pulls you back out. It's a psychosis-inducing environment. Like if they were to simililarly prevent you from falling asleep.

And so that was the general atmosphere on campus.

And then I was informed that you had to act as models for each other. For physiotherapy stuff. There was no asking for volunteers informed consent about it. You were required to act as models for each other upon request. And that involved various states of undressing. And your being massaged and poked and prodded by everybody else in the class and all teachers as and when instructed to by those teachers.

And I decided it was not the place for me to be.

At which point they threw tantrums. And charged $10,000 to my student loan, I see. Again, that I thought I was 'too good' for them etc etc. That wasn't it. I realised I was a different sort of a beast, entirely.

I saw aspects or elements that made me sad. Seeing the training facilities available on the Millenium campus. Seeing what some of the researchers were engaged in. I went to talks... I asked questions...

Then University Administration started throwing tantrums that I was out of my place etc etc that I was a first year student (now again they are refusing to accept my previous transcript for previously completed degrees where I have been involved in teaching and research already. They refuse to accept that I have any of the skills or abilities that I actually have. Also skills or abilities that are already documented).

Then AUckland does the same. Advises me to take a 'language rich' option and fails me out. We don't value literacy and reading and writing. You don't get to have speaking rights!

Just these awful bullies who think that positions of power (teacher, administrator) are about the power to bully and torture people for as long as you can get away with it for... At which point they get their degree or certificate or whatever and flee...

Of course during the course the were psychophants and gave off the impression they wanted nothing more in life than to be just like them...


In other words.

Teh abbility to display one face to the world while something very different goes on behind the scenes.

Soem psychotherapist had this thing about that. Repression. Apparently it was lmited in usefulness / scope to a repressed society.

I suppose repression.






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