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Re: business model

Posted by alexandra_k on May 26, 2020, at 22:38:23

In reply to Re: business model, posted by alexandra_k on May 26, 2020, at 19:38:43


so. there we go.

apply to medicine.


i assumed they doubted my ability to succeed in science since I hadn't really done much science.

(but actually it was because i didn't marry and doctor and / or make a bunch of money for a church charity in nz).

i started exercise science at tech thinking it would be a nice ease-in to science aspects of sport science / gym stuff that i had learned informally in the gym from gym people and ex athletes and trainers... and from people online. from t nation. the contributors. the trainers in world class gyms around the world. from the posters. posting their progressions. offering their advice.

and i topped the class in physiology by a considerable margin becuase of the high quality textbook mostly (and i did find a place to quiet study at the start of the year)... and i LOVED IT. heaps. i was surprised... LOVED IT.

then the academic aspect of tech fell out for me. there wasnt' a quiet place to study anymore. i guess maybe other people were encouraged to try and do what i was doing. so the library became full of noisy people. but i didn't have a quiet place to study anymore. 'don't worry abotu her she'll be alright'. not true. i need to do quiet thikning and quiet reading or i start to lose my sh*t the way people lose their sh*t when they don't get REM sleep. it is like that for me. they didn't know. they thought 'you've learned enough! you can help the others through. no more quiet learning time for you!'.

they didn't know. to be fair. i had no way of communicating my need to them, etither. if i had my own accommodation it would have been okay. but i had a really great flatmate -- but he was a bit lonely unfortunately. so he would bang about at home in frustration when i didn't want to hang out with him... bad fit...

i did learn a lot at tech. i loved going to les mills for a work experience 4 days or whatever it was. with the manager doing motivational speels at us and saying about how they did try and support and motivate their trainers etc etc. and it was a really nice gym. and everyone seemed to *feel good* there. be upbeat. enjoying the exercising experience. and it was tempting to be part of that. and i wasn't afraid of the work aspect. i got up at ten to 5 to be at horseracing stables before. then downtime. then after lunch training. no evening session... to be fair... hur... but i know about being at work at 5.

but it was 1) i am not good at personal training. the 1:1. i'm no good at it. you need to be encouraging. and perfect is the enemy of the good. and people usually want to lose weight. up their metabolism. want to be encouraged to move around. and if you appear to be (feeling -- people are sensitive to that) disapproving of their efforts then that does not go down well. it is a buzz killer. perfect is the enemy of the good. i can't put on a happy face and be all 'great!' when someone isn't doing it perfectly. i know. it's a sad thing. i do genuinely respect their trying. but they are still making my eyes bleed. i make my eyes bleed. don't get me wrong. when i watch myself train i am very very critical. always with this vision of what i want to achieve / accomplish. the form i'm aiming for. the vision of the perfect 10. but i'm no good at helping motivate or inspire others to keep with or stay on the path to... well... anywehre at all, really.

it is not a good personality fit / match. personal training. nope. i know i could learn to do the 'stick to the script' show of group fitness instructor / leader. but that's just a way (financially) of people getting used to your voicing and hiring you for 1:1.

i don't know... hindsight... it is possible that i could sort of go 'well, why are you hiring me. what do you want from me?' and maybe they want me to show them how to do something... i don't know... i just think that other people in the class were much better at hanging out with others when training and the like. i was not a good or a natural personal trainer. i don't like telling other people what to do. ordering them about etc. i just don't... so... yeah...

so i thought about physio. because i thought it would be more book-learning academic knowledge focused than the sport science / personal training course i did at tech. so i thought it would fill that need.

but they made it clear to me that it wasn't going to be very book focused at all. the libary etc wasn't set up for it. there was going to be a lot of hanging about in groups.

so i realised... back to traditional university. medicine. medicine was the academic course. apparently. medicine is for the academically able -- right?

i was a bit worried about how i would do at university (compared to tech)... i got an A for anatomy and physiology at university. there we go. can do.

so they failed me out of my essays for population health. because... you know... you aren't allowed to write a traditional essay until graduate school -- and that's years away.

because medicine turned out not to be for the most academically able. not to be for the adult students who wanted to do it. it turned out to be for the children of certain speical people in society. children of doctors and senior administrators. and kids carefully selected for making those former kids look like the best kids that there are. and likely some peple who bribe their way in.

that's the best sense i can make of why teh director for medical admissions is a guy who gives expert testimony for ACC to deny individuals occupational injury / health claims in court. on sale for the highest bidder. that's what that says -- right?

they took most of the academic aspect out of medicine in NZ. that's why the USA stuff is nice. well developed textbooks and the like. but they take most of it out. take out the biochemisty. the genetics. the pathways. the mechanisms...

focused history (best way tot learn that is to read lots of them).

instead teaching...

unfocused histories. wehre everything may be important and it's impossible to do a consultation in 15 minutes.


nobody finishes the clinical skills examination on time.





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