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Re: ever not forgiven someone

Posted by rjlockhart37 on August 24, 2019, at 15:42:41

In reply to Re: ever not forgiven someone, posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2019, at 3:58:56

doing somethiing like that to childhood is defeintly ... i understand kinda of the pain. For her to be nasty all the time, and never ... cook the most cheapest biscuts, or abuse during childhood. I don't know ... this is what i've read online before, there are narassistic parents that can cause disturbance in people when they get older, somethign with shaming them and being the superior model. I don't know if your mother was in that catagory, but from what your wrote it was mainly nastiness, or coldness. I've never had that happen to me, but there are things .... that i don't want to talk about in specific that people did to me, and traumatized emotionally, i've had a period of never wanting to do anything with them again. But at the same time, i love them. And for's hard to carry unforgiveness and bitterness, it just effects everything, my attitude, my relationships with new people. But your story, defintly dealing with bitterness or nastiness from them. In a way, i think if you truly love them (this is not relating anythinig to you, or expereincces) that you would forgive them. I think unforgiveness you lose love, and hate and bitterness and noto wanting to ever see them again happens. I don't like to use any scenarios of life or people i met, but there is one individuel who her dad abused her severely, this is not any of my family, it's a friend... but phsyically, but more emotionally and punishment like dragging out the car and throwing htem on the concrete. In a way, i think they did forgive them, but it caused hatred and bitterness that effected their relationships with people. This is not any of my family, this is someone i'm close too, but its not my family.

I've chosen to forgive, because i have had trauma happen to me, and i try to supress it and keep it down deep within me, almost like a secret. But i still love them, and that in a way helped with forgiving them for what happened. The thing that really gets me, is your forgive them and they do it over and over again, to the point where forgiving them is irrelevant. I really have a deep trauma that happened to me, but i keep it down deep inside

like your said apologize to someone and they accept it, and the move on. I've thought of that as hard concept, because i still wanted to be friends, but they didnt. So it was like what's the point of apologizing. I don't know....maybe it releases a anger within them, or easeing up offense. But they move on. I'e think not forgiving, keeps a bitterness feeling, or apathy. From a religious stand point, i've read that the lord says forgive your offenders, and do well to your enemies. The thing said if you have bitterness or unforgiveness on the last day, the lord will not forgive you. But let's not go into that too much, this is just discussing.

I just think unforgiveness causes either apathy, or bitterness, and like it can corrupt the heart. Anyways, thanks you for responding least i can share experiences with someone :)

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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