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''Special Interview''

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 17:16:38

In reply to Re: the development of maori people, posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 17:06:16

When you apply to the Univeristy of Auckalnd online you have to fill out 'optional' fields -- or you cannot progress your application to submission.

You can ask for paper forms -- but there is a rigmarole. New Zealand likes to prevent peopel from having access to forms. It is a way of locking people out of processing / refusing to process.

I can't submit online appliation forms, anymore, they refuse to process my stuff.

One of the 'optional' questions is about your parents occupation (whether they are doctors or have PhD's). Also what you were doing this time last year (whether you were in secondary school and which school or whether you were on welfare). You know, so they can decide which (if any) program of study you get to do.

Anotehr 'optional' question is your tribal affiliation.

THey also ask if you have any scholarships / who your financiers are. If you have some charitable trust set up for you of or your people paid the medical selections committee $70,000 to offer you a scholarship to the value of $5,000 if you were slected for that program, or however that works.

They also ask you about disability status.

Best I can figure the function of disability status is to expediate selection for favorable (profiting those who already have the most advantage) to selection 'in the name of equity'.

And otherwise, it's a way of ruling out otherwise qualified candidates.

You can say you have disability but are seeking no accommodations. Then you have put a target on your head. Because of the whole only selecting the incapacitated brownnosers thing they go tgoing on.


Medicine offers a ''special interview'' to Maori kids. I'm notn sure if the ONLY kids who get selected to study Medicine are the kids who received favorable ''special interview''. This is to say I am not sure if they decline applications from kids who say they are Maori who do not request ''special interview'' (who wish to be selected via standard pathway) and / or I am not sure if they decline Maori kids who are ranked poorly in ''special interview''.

There are lot of Maori tribes. Does each tribe have representatives on the ''special interview'' selection committee?


I say this because I found it odd that when I was interviewed last year I had a Maori kid as my 'buddy' (leading me around the interview stations). I was thinking 'but I didn't apply for a special interview -- why are my interviewers seeing me being led into each interview station by a Maori kid?'



Why can't we f*ck*ng try and do things f*ck*ng properly for the f*ck*ng good of us all?




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