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Re: the oppression of peoples

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:49:09

In reply to Re: goodbye health system, posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:35:02

they work very very hard to make sure that smart kids don't have access to educational resources and quality examinations that test high quality content.

they work very very hard to make sure that those systems don't take off or catch on constantly trying to hijack them for their own personal advantage.

people basically devote their life to being kamakazee pilots...

it feels like living in a war-zone, here.

i don't see people doing their jobs.

i returned to NZ because i thought we were a first world country with a first world education system. Auckalnd markets itself 'by natural ability and hard work' not 'by nepotistic advantage and dumb luck'.

- they told me to take 1 year to prepare for health science first year to do a chemistry paper. they did not tell me to get hold of cambridge curriculum and work by distance towards international examinations because that would be the best prep. they told me to pay money to the universiyt and the univerity would prepare me.

- they did not allow me to enrol in a 'foundational program' that appears only to be to expediate the medical and law degrees entry for children of tribal chiefs where the tribal chiefs don't want their kids having access to (or working towards instead of brownnosing to them all day) chemistry curriculm and high quality books to read for development of literacy etc. so the foundation program expediates those kids into unviersity entry when they would not pass / could not pass / were not allowed to do high school.

- they failed me for population health essays (on equity) because i clearly had the capacity to work to international standards: which makes their chosen kids look bad. I was supposed to focus on making their chosen kids look good, only. That means not doing my work properly. That means plagarising. I would only be considered for selection if I copied / plagarised lecturers powerpoint slides (so the classes essays would be the same from that common source) or accepted their line by line copy editing changes of my work (ditto on the plagarism).

- They refuse to process my application.

They are saying that they refuse to acknowledge grades earned from NZ Universities what were earned more than 5 years ago.

In other words: NZ Universities have set about refusing to acknowledge their very own degrees.

THigns have become more and more and more corrupt here over time.

The problem: The university leaders and the like have PhDs from NZ Universities. If they refuse to acknowledge degrees tehy are undermining their own authority.

There are no shortage of incoming incompetents... Who feel they have done their time biding waiting biding for their chance to inflict only worse on the next generation.





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