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goodbye education system

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:12:44

India is in trouble.

The caste system.

People who are competent don't want to live in India with the caste system. Those of the upper castes who didn't need birthright to get to do their jobs resent the incompetents who they are surrounded by who are only there because of birthright.

People who aren't of the right caste to do the things they have the capacity to do resent the system and want to get out.

The only people who seem to want it are the incompetents who have everything handed to them on a silver platter while doing absolutely nothing to earn it and while doing absolutely nothing to help the situation overall. Only freeriding and exploiting for their own personal advantage in a way that significantly holds back development.

So people want to get out of India.

And England.


Really rather a lot of places around the world.

Sounds like special buses take students to their examinations. Different testing centres. Sounds like really rather a lot goes into circumventing or hijacking or whatever the studnets having their work objectively examined by people who are attempting to test ability or whatever. A lot goes into cheating or whatever. At least that's what they market.

So much energy and effort and work goes into teaching rubbish and writing rubbish examinations and preventing people from becoming educated and preventing people from working towards anything worthwhile. Preventing the advancement of people who are willing and able to focus on the work.

Controling the resources. Keeping the resources. Keeping positions and titles. Keeping the focus on brownnosing. Sycophants. Singing praises all day.

We don't have a tertiary education system. They ruined it. It's about expediating the children of profesionals getting into their professional careers. Expediating the passage of that. Giving the kids of the professionals all the scholarships, even, so the kids with the most earning potential are the kids who don't pay anything for their 'education'. The system is about taking from the poor to give to the rich, in other words.

And those kids need support structures, too, because, you know, having all the money isn't enough. So the kids who brown nose and enable them they get picked to travel along for the ride. But you need to realise that your presence is only tolerated becuase of your brownnosing and sycophant ways. You are required to always focus on making them look good and checking they are happy and they know they are the best and so on. Making sure they don't ever realise that they aren't that great at what tehy were chosen to do and they never get to properly realise and pursue what it is that they want in life.

Because we like this system whereby 'only the incompetent and inept' get to do anything, anything, anything at all.

These are the people they put in charge of selections. The ones at the lowest levels. Making sure that people like me never get to do anything.

They refuse to do their job.

I read something that said there really wasn't all that much admin work to be done at Universities. But then they couldn't justify their pays so they made up work for themselves. THings like graduate research committees where they take their job to be to set the standard of research work that is required by students and where it is their job to examine the reports of the examiners and make examiners 'keep working' and 'write another round of reports because your last ones did not understand the standard we require at this University'.

Don't you understand: Your university is sh*t because you devoted yourself to keeping bums on seats for the maximum possible time because when you double the size of the research school you get to feel important and you parade that as an accomplishment and feel it justifies the size of your salary.

But you quit doing the job of helping and working with students to get the highest quality thesis they could do in the time there was.

You pretend to be too stupid to understand that 120 points work is 1 year of work only.

You don't get to collect up fees. Refuse to do your job. Refuse to enrol a student the following month (Calendar says thesis applications due 1 month prior to the intended start date). Refuse to send a thesis submitted for examination out for examination (we will not send a thesis out for examination such that it is possible for students to complete a 1 year degree in 1 year only). Send it out for examination for the WRONG DEGREE. Send a Masters thesis out for PhD examination. And then (if that wasn't enough) refuse to accept the reports of the examiners and refuse to base the outcome of examination on their reports.

Basic f*ck*ng reading comprehension: Fail.

How much money do they get paid by way of refusing to do their job and refusing to hire people who do their job?

What a f*ck*ng sh*t show.

It's criminal.




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