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Re: the development of maori

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:58:11

In reply to Re: the oppression of peoples, posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 16:49:09

give the tribal leaders resources.

watch the sh*t show ensue.

there are maori graduates. we gave them degrees. it would be inequitable and unjust if the kids of the maori leaders didn't get to do law or medicine degrees. engineering degrees. i mean, the kids of the white leaders get to do these things. that's what equity means.

so we have all these people white and brown all equally incopmetent sharing the resources for the ongoign oppression and harm of their people.

ooh goodie.

this is progress apparently.

maori are developing apparently.

they have doctors and lawyers. i'm not sure about engineers. i don' tknow bout sanitation systems and climate controlled healthy homes.

but then i don't know about access to medications and things like that either.

it's just a way of ensuring they don't have access to x. they say 'sure you do this the guy we pay a fortune to for his grand title of 'doctor''.

and the person is only paid to ensure that nobody gets that on their watch.

they pick out a maori boy to train as a cancer surgeon. colonoscopy. only they pick someone who clearly doens't want to get their hands dirty. someone who would clearly be more at home on a dictrict health board than cranking through colonoscopy's and doing occasional surgery. i'm sure they will make sure that his expeience in the operating room puts him off operating ever. i'm sure they will make him feel like sh*t feeling like he was picked to do a sh*tty job. etc etc etc.

so that he will end up being paid a lot of money to make sure that nobody gets colonoscopy / timely cancer care on his watch.

that will be the outcome of the process of training that he has been selcted to do as an ideal candidate.

he was picked to do it not becuase he was incompetent / inept to do it... but becaues he would be trainable to ensuring that nobody gets to do it on his watch. he was picked to ensure that things would be worse for the next generation.

he was picked to try and have it so that maori wouldn't want healthcare. wouldn't want surgery. wouldn't want colonoscopy.

the members of the health board want the governemnt to hand over all the money to them in teh name of 'healthcare' while providing precisely nothing.

just a chunk of money for htem to squabble over how they are going to divide it up amongst themselve.

that's all there is.

squabbling over dividing up a bucnh fo money amongst themselves.

like when you throw a pile of something at the pigeons and they clamber over each other to eat more than everybody else.

and there is no normal pigeon behvior. just this squabbling over resources.




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