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Re: to alexandra_k

Posted by alexandra_k on August 18, 2018, at 21:36:53

In reply to Re: to alexandra_k, posted by alexandra_k on August 18, 2018, at 21:15:53

and i guess the issue is, then, that these people aren't psychopaths, so much as being 'adaptable'. and they are people who were raised in poverty / lower middle class. or with enough of it around for them to know that there wasn't a great deal of difference in abiltity or deserts for people in one or the other of those.

and they are people who prioritise money. are incentivised by it. and the interest they serve (formerly tobacco, now unregulated pharma, i guess) and so on... well, that's where there money comes from. that's how come they have the money they do.

they do invest in good things with their money, sometimes. one of my friends earns enough as a consultant to have a lot of time off work. she's a real type A, though, so in her 'time off' work she works just as hard on volunteer projects. promoting cycling or some green hippy thing or other. and she walks the walk on moderate consumtion and so on. and other friends... they are my friends for a reason. we became friends when things were more mutual and, even, when i was earning more in one case... and they were there for me. they do have generosity of spirit and kindness and so on. they aren't psychppathic. they are doing the best they can to get by. they say they... just couldn't handle doign what i've done in going back to undegrad study.. back even further with the maths and chemistry and physics... living with the kids because we don't believe in adult education...

it's wikipedia: hospitals for poor people make poor hospitals. indeed. you need... mixed things. hospitals for black people are more likely to be hijacked to serve white interest. clinics for maaori and poor people here are more likely to be hijeacked to serve white interest.

you don't want a clinic that serves underprivaledged / impoverished. because it will only gain funding if it serves that other interest.

you want a clinic that is genuinely mixed. the same standard of care to ALL patients. you might have to draw a ring around HOW MANY patients you have - but there are things you should be able to do to create REPRESENTATIVE patients - with respect to income, race, and so on...

That's what ensures things are better.

The manager that eats from the same pot you do is incentivised not to 'just a litle more salt and sugar just a little more salt and sugar' each and every day until the people die of malnutrition and he's off to invest his fortune feeding the aged care facility for the impoverished people of the world...

i bet they already have a f*ck ton of people high paid giving obviously high paid medical advice to the government on how to better stabotage our public system so less and less people have access to less and less qualified people to drive drive drive the prices up so there's a tight circle of money going around for a few at the cost of the majority...

but these adaptable people would back something viable / genuine if it was offered... they would like to see it.

i guess they've been kicked at their lives. they couldnl't handle what i've done...

i'm just afraid they won't let me do what i have worked for doing precisely because of that.

nobody likes to feel bad about the choices they've made.

i just... i couldn't do the things they've done.




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