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Re: to alexandra_k

Posted by alexandra_k on August 17, 2018, at 17:15:25

In reply to Re: to alexandra_k, posted by ert on August 16, 2018, at 23:12:53

> On supermarket cards turnover of nutritional products is saved

*What* you buy is saved. How much milk do you buy? How much cheese? Are you brand loyal to some / most / all or will you change your brand if there is a discount. How much is your 'favorite' brand worth to you? How much will you substitute another product, entirely, for a discount?

You might think that they only care about things en masse, and not about particular purchasers...

But some purchasers turn out to be predictive of the behavior of certain other groups. It can be cheaper and easier to track particular purchasers, therefore. In the interests of... Tricking them so that one can turn greater profits.

And some purchasers turn out to be particularly 'rational' or whatever. There might be interests in learning more about people who seem particularly in control (shall we say) of their supermarket purchasing. One might have a special interest in how they spend the rest of their money...

> on facebook you can delete data and you can delete an account

On facebook you can *ask for data to be deleted* and the data is no longer visible to you, or to people you know. Do you really think your data is actually removed from facebook and the people facebook have passed your data on to? Similarly, you an ask for an account to be deleted and you can no longer log into it and it is no longer visible to people you know. That certainly doesn't mean that a whole bunch of people can't view what you posted before.

Including your request that things be deleted. People might well have a special interest in those who decide to opt out. Might want to track these people, particularly. Like how it has been noted, now, on my HealthOne health record that I asked to opt out of having a HealthOne record. It is my right to ask to opt out and have my dissent noted there, you see. At which point they inform me that I might not be able to get the healthcare I need from the public system, anymore. Of course, I wasn't likely to have gotten it before, anyway. But they appear to have a special interest in tagging and tracking dissentors.

> its not just the surveyor in nz

Of course it's not. For better, or worse. Our supermarket check-out system in the major supermarkets (New World, Countdown, Pack and Save) is Norwegan. The Health Administrative Data was... I tracked it around the world, a bit. Companies that are subsidaries of other companies and so on... It got lost somewhere in America - though I'm sure liability stops somewhere where there aren't any laws

US Health data was hacked by Russians. US... Something something about Russian Doctors and performance enhancing drug prescriptions and the Olympics...

> He violates intellectual property rights, sensitive personal data rights (depending on country), personally identifiable information (PII) and newly EU right to be forgotten.


> If you think he could make money, due to the altruistic behavior of sick participants and ads pop up from eg. pfizer or glaxo, the project would be even more ethically questionable. And a psychiatrist is at least middleclass or more.

I think he could have chosen to have done such things with this site. After there was an article in the New York Times there was (and would have been predicted to be) a boon in posting numbers. I'm pretty sure he could have made money off of ads. But he chose not to. That says something about him as a person, I think. Quite a lot. Not many have made such choices with the sites they run.

I sympathise a lot about privacy concerns and so on... I guess I just don't understand what people are likely to gain from here, particularly. And what you think is to be gained by tearing the whole site down.




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