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Re: to alexandra_k

Posted by alexandra_k on August 17, 2018, at 18:10:44

In reply to Re: to alexandra_k, posted by alexandra_k on August 17, 2018, at 17:15:25

It is because I studied psychology at an undergraduate university that was fairly focused on animal behavior and organisational psychology.

as such, we learned quite a lot about behaviorism - even though since then cognitive psychology, and more lately, neuro psychology have become the prominent focus.

but if we consider much of what we know about behavior and the control of behavior from psychology... and we apply that stuff to marketing and management... and we consider statistics and the power of computing these days...

which is why most universities don't teach behaviorism anymore, i suppose.

even a lot of the cognitive psychology techniques. how to 'persuade' people to do what you want them to without them even knowing.

bullying techniques. bait and switch techniques. and so on...

it's all old news. old old old news. but they don't teach it in the schools, anymore, and most people don't seem to realise.

many of the bullying techniques. having burly men walking about with 'security' written on their back telling people to display their ID or to move along... getting all up in people's faces and so on...

the lack of leagal advice.

or 'legal advice' which consists of scripts of 'information' nobody asked for and no time for people to ask about the things they want to know (nobody knowlegable - AskLegal - so all the idiot unemployable lawyers can be employed to mislead and waylay and data collect so those who need to hire actual lawyers to conceal their wrong are given the approriate heads up well in advance).

people care more about these things than about creating a world even they feel is worth living in. or... in creatin a world they feel is good for their kids to live in.

that's partly the thing about kids. they are saying that having kids keeps people off drugs and the like. clearly since i didn't have kids i'm a noisy druggy. yeah, NZ, you know me so well.

f*ck*ng idoits.




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