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Re: to alexandra_k

Posted by alexandra_k on August 18, 2018, at 21:12:21

In reply to Re: to alexandra_k, posted by alexandra_k on August 18, 2018, at 20:38:33

it's nothing personal against her. i don't know her. i've never met her. she might be an absolutedly brilliant human being. or, she might have been selected to do precisely what she does because, of course, tobacco people have had so very much time to get their money out of tobacco and into all the other things that are going to to into the vape substances.

i have a friend... who is going to be advisor to the science advisor, or similar. of course! i mean, he doesn't really have a background in science (certainly not the standard background in chemisty or physics) or in industry that is important (in biochemistry or biochemicals or pharmaceuticals or in milk product reconstitution or in electronics or in engineeringing or in anything like any of that... and of course having science advisor people without much background in either science or in industry is the way to safeguard and protect our science into the future - right?

only it would seem like i'm being bitter that i point out sh*t like this. that i'm being butt hurt that i didn't get picked to do any of it. why did they apply for / take those jobs? do they think they are helping?

i'm trying to remember my friend who told me her job was basically to scan paper records in so american business people could better assess whether they wanted to invest in nz. handing over all the data to foreign business interests. how the department was all involved in slowing down this request for information by these people in one of the pacific island countries who might have had an alternative claim on royalty.

her attitude... she was like... this is the job... this is what i do... it pays well.. i'm successful. yay.


the world that they've made.

i really don't want to be writing philosophy any more. i cant' really be any clearer abotu that. it isn't good for me. i have no desire to join them. i have no desire to play that game.

maybe they like the idea of having a doctor who yessir nosir anything yousaysir (the person isnt' in the position to be able to assess competency or competent treatment). smiling happy face such friendly people leading their own into the death camps...

they world they seem really committed to making...

it would be nice to just get away from it all and focus on being the best i can be. but so much fun for most to 'play' with other people and prevent that from being the case. for the good of... uh... yeah. successful. yay you. well done.





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