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Re: Nardil/Maoi questions

Posted by jparsell82 on January 30, 2004, at 16:57:05

In reply to Re: Nardil/Maoi questions, posted by Questionmark on January 30, 2004, at 13:30:19

> > Is Nardil the only Maoi or Rima that has GABA activity? Also, what do you think about 45mg a day of Nardil... or do most people go with 60mg/day for SP? Would 45mg be a sufficient dosage for a 150-160lb person?
> >
> > Note: I have social anxiety, generalized anxiety, ocd, add and depression.
> i have all your problems except GAD (& OCPD rather than OCD) and Nardil has been an extraordinary, miraculous help to me. i also weigh about the same as you if that means anything (~150 lbs). For me 45mg was definitely a satisfactory dosage-- it cut out so much anxiety, eased so much of my obsessive sh*t, and turned my chronically severe, quasi-suicidal depression into still negative but more-able-to-be-reasonable-and-have-some-hope dysthymia-- if that. 60mg is what really seems to appropriately alleviate my self-deprication and "inferiority complex" and especially make a difference in things, but 45mg certainly makes life livable-- and oftentimes even enjoyable (which was quite a novel experience, let me tell you). ah i'm rambling again, sorry.
> Also 60mg is when all the side effects started to become a real pain in the *** (anticholinergic effects and anorgasmia), although even at 45 the anorgasmia is still annoying as sh*t. It does seem, however, that most people need-- or aren't satisfied until-- they stay at 60mg. Not sure though.
> i have never read or heard of any other MAO inhibiting compound that increases GABA levels/activity besides phenelzine (Nardil). Maybe isocarboxazid (Marplan) would somewhat, as Mattdds said, since they are such similar drugs, but i've never read that. And i'm especially skeptical that tranylcypromine (Parnate) does. Do you anything to back this up Matt (not saying you're lying i think you just might be mistaken though)?
> Anyway, i hope Nardil blesses you and everyone else on this board taking it as much as it has me (and Ace, and all the rest). Best wishes.

Hey, thanks for the information. I'm a little unsure about my OCD, it could be OCPD or an obsessive thinking disorder... not sure. I frequently daydream and get thoughts stuck in my head, having trouble shifting attention. Anyways though, I think I'm actually going to try moclobemide(Manerix) first. It won't have the anti-cholinergic side effects and supposedly it's helpful for attention too. I think most people who give moclobemide a trial don't use a high enough dosage and for a long enough time. Doses for Social Phobia are supposed to be 600-900mg and it's recommended to keep with it for atleast 12 weeks. There was a study I read that showed moclobemide becoming most effective after 8 weeks. Plus I think it's pretty similar to Nardil minus the Gaba activity. If Manerix doesn't work, then I guess I'll be next to give Nardil a try. I'm almost positive Nardil would work for me but I'm not ready for the cognitive side effects... does it make your attention worse? Thanks again,





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