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Re: drunk with power

Posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 14:41:45

In reply to Re: drunk with power, posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 14:32:46

waikato didn't want a medical school -- they wanted more fees. they wanted studnets to pay medical studnet fees. that was what they wanted. they thought the could kill two birds with one stone by passing medical studnets off as doctors in the public hospitals. getting them to impersonate doctors. our doctors don't have white coats. our doctors don't have name badges that are readable. they have these tags that dangle about their breasts or their groin so it would be impolite to stare enough to read the actual name or see if the picture looks anything like the person who is wearing it as a grotesque trophy.

they thought they could get people paying them thousands upon thousands of dollars to be called 'medical studnet' and then they could be dissemated through the hospitals and even the general practioner clinics. there they could go 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww' and 'there there feel better' and other such things. ideally they would be prescribing no medication. ideally they would be using no medical resources (no hand sanitiser, no soap, no water, no face mask, no swabs, no samples, no labs). if they can perform cheapity cheap cheap 'procedures' that make it less likely that people will present asking for help (maybe detain them involuntarily so they learn not to present for help, maybe a little physical or sexual abuse for good measure so they learn not to present or so we can tell ourselves they like it and are asking for it and they want to live in an institution so we can pass them on to people who collect thousands of dollars from the government to abuse people in government funded institutions'...

these people that keep our publically funded health system as cheap as you can get. cheapity cheap cheap cheap.

of course you can't have these people (with experience of this aspect of the public health system) becoming doctors.

that wouldn't do.

there's a clear 'us vs them' when it comes to the set-up. it's okay to take a 'them' and make 'them' 'us' -- but only if they are working to perpeptuate teh abuses and the system...

people are so focused on keeping things terrible that... that's what it's become. that's what it's about.

you see pictuers... what our health system represents or similar. i see a stagnant pond with some sorts of circular swirls. that's apparently what it's like in the system. you get a patient from A and you pass the patient to B. that's your role. that's your job. and the system invovles this endless buck-passing of passing the patient around until the patient dies of misdiagnosis or undiagnosis or whatever. just wasting as much time as possible....

so the only issue really is: and where's the money? who has got the money? who profits from this endless tiem wasting and buck passing? who is accumulating all the money, accumulating all the money, accumulating all the money? who profits from the waste of time teh delays the wrongful deaths the undiagnosed the misdiagnosed... who profits? who profits? where does the money go?

it's a nasty wasteland.




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