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drunk with power

Posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 6:11:29

it isn't good, in new zealand, when a party gets elected in, again. i mean to say there is a tendancy for them to go drunk with power in the second term.

our media are very... our media are not very independent. who pays them? yeah... people do not have free speech in new zealand.

very recently a new zealand retailer removed someones book for sale because they did not like her saying x and y and z. so the solution to them not liking her saying those things was to remove her book from their shelves. that's the kind of oppression and lack of freedom there is.

you comply with what Jacinda wants (whether she has the legal authority to command it or not) otherwise... social sanctions.

someone said 'soft power' so i looked into it.

that's why our parliament keeps going on about how gay they are. why, sure, who wouldn't be gay, earning as much money as they earn. they just had to say 'awwwwwwwwwww we just can't decrease our salaries, at all, we don't have the power to do that, it's toooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaard we'll just keep having to give ourselves pay increase after pay increase after pay increase, we're so powerless pooooooooooooooor pooooooooooooor us'.

because of the oppression in qatar. our minister of finance is gay (in a sugar daddy kind of a way -- how else is he supposed to be gay in his role as minister of finance) and that's not tokenism.

tokenism is an interesting idea. i guess the critique of it is that... well... to go 'black people don't have troubles -- look how well Tiger Woods and Opera are doing'. the exception that proves the rule. the existence of 'token's. i guess that's the idea. that there's that kind of a strategy.

i always wondered why winston peters got the minister of foreign affairs role or job.

But now everybody's wondering about the latest appointment.

We had one guy who single-handedly got as many seats as the entire green party. A bunch of people who... Hid behind him and kept their heads down.

I don't understand why so few ministers have so many portfolios between them. It's like only 3 or 4 people have speaking rights. That's exactly what it is.

New Zealand has always been autocratic like that, really.

The same few people with the same few ideas and (most importantly of all) most of the resources.

While we produce...


No software. No hardware. No art. Nothing. Nothing. NOthing at all.

We are positioning ourselves to cry for vaccination hand-outs like a third world country.

Not contributing to the cost of production. Not contributing the talented unskilled labor. Not contributing the talented and skilled labor Not contributing... Not contributing... Crying for hand-outs while the money goes on.. While the money goes on.. While the money gets spent on...

Well.. Bad decisions, I guess.

Like buying computers that are obsolete at the point of purchase. Because it's the cheapest contract, don't you see? The cheapest. Cheepity cheep cheeep cheep.

Why would you want secure health records? Secure government records? Secure alumni donor lists? Secure records? Why would you want them?

Just swampy miserable swamp.

We don't have the natural resources of quatar.

Just enough rope to hang themselves with. I guess that's the point of NZ as a 'soft power'. Whether Jacinda would use things for good or whether things will get hijacked...

We don't have balanace of power. That's the problem. It's always a race to the bottom. Autocracy.

REfusal to understand or respect the role of the leader of the opposition. REfusal to publish or allow people to speak when they have a differnt opinion. Refusal to allow critique or criticism. PRomootion of the lackey for being ingratiating.

Theres really nothing here.

The whole graduate studnet thing... It's just a case of migrant workers, again. NZ studnets don't want to do graduate research or PhD's in NZ. So we trying trick or con or fool international studnets into investing in our education system. Only for them to learn that there's nothing here. They'll only sign them off if they've ensured they will never get employment out the other end. You know, because of how you have to plagarise or falsify data or whatever for your supervisor to give you permission to submit to externals.

So then the externals can refuse to credit you with your work that you were forced to plagarise from your supervisor.


I get that places like Harvard sell Masters Degrees. I mean to say I get that you can buy your way into something like that if you have the money to do that.

And I suppose that's something to do. And I suppose then you might get to produce something not-corrupt. I suppose. And may be get some references or something.

The trouble comes when the US doesn't recognise foreign Degrees (that's not hte trouble yet, I'm getting there) the trouble really comes when the US refuses to let people with foreign Degrees into US degree programmes. Because having a degree from NZ only indicates that one must have lied cheated swindled etc to have gotten it. Because that's the only way you get one.

Like how if you wnat a medical degree then you better brush up on your wrongful imprisionment and only treatin gthe involuntary and so on...

The salvation army has committed to murder. That is to say they are sure as sure as sure can be that if euthanasia is legalised (and it recently was) then murders will occur. It has committed to being 'i told you so' therefore these things will occur. That's really teh kiwi way in the health system. People committ to 'I told you so' and in the service of that terrible things come to be. THey don't get their way -- well, then, they told you so, don't say they didn't warn you.

The Euthanasia thing is just that people in these parts REFUSE to allow people self-determination. People are constantly squabbling and constantly forcing. Constantly imposing their will on others. Constantly undermining and stealing and bullying and harrassing and generally being awful.

Without euthanasia doctors just deliver pain medication that results in death while expressing how they were too stupid to see the death coming. They didn't meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean to cause the person to die. They just meant to help them with their pain. Didn't see it coming. Awwwwwwwww. Too stupid to be responsible for ones actions. That's teh way it went down.

With Euthanasia being legal now there's the problem that the person doesn't want the doctor to decide when or whether they go anymore (while the doctor pretends to be too stupid to know). Instead, the person wants to decide when and how and so on.

But nobody is having that.

The doctor decides (too stupid to know).
The church decides. The people working in hospice. They decide when your things are right with God (when your will profits them).

Clearly a nice big leave all your money to them means they are a little less stupid with the pain relief?

Or similar?

Don't get sick or weak in NZ. Don't let them corner you...



Lovely place to visit. Planning on bringing an entire emergency response unit with you -- just in case??




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