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Re: drunk with power

Posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 13:25:11

In reply to drunk with power, posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2020, at 6:11:29

The trouble with soft power is soft disempowerment. The things that undermine the soft power.

Jacinda Arden had a really good response to the terrorism incident. A response that was noted internationally.

But then...

You need to look into how it is that terrorists are getting citizenship, in New Zealand. How is it that a person could do such a thing, in New Zealand. Were there really no warning signs displayed? Did he really not cry or ask for help at any point in time? Did he really not indicate that something needed to happen to help him otherwise he was going to really really really really really lose his sh*t?

The trouble is just how many people are in that position, in New Zealand. Over and over and over and over and over and over again. It is true most of them don't murder that many people... Well, no, it is true most of them don't get caught... is still at it. Judicial reviews, now. Wonder if he can take judges down with him, on his way out. We just can't do it. Our courts just can't do it. Our judiciary. Exposed for what it is. Just another time sink-hole. Just hand-out after hand-out after hand-out after hand-out to lawyers and the judiciary. Not expediating justice, at all. Just delaying things. Just delay. It's like the Universities. Delay delay delay delay delay and then you get some sick over-processed thing that some people think it is a work of art. It's not, though, it's a mausoleum piece. The sort of thing you put on someones grave or tomb. The product of slavery that was the only thing the person got to accomplish or actually do in their entire life. Just a wasted life spent producing heavily processed... Garbage. Problem of their own making.

Apparently an IT guy from Otago University set up an online learning module company with his wife to syphon money into. Authorised payments to himself and didn't produce the work. Hey, it's a New Zealand IT company, no work was expected to actually be produced. Maybe they made a crappy crap cr(ap) or maybe they planned on stealing one from somewhere. Subcontracting for a studnet to do the work for $5,000 over the summer.

The money went into superannuation savings plan in Australia.

Apparently the money can't be taken / gotten / given back.

I guess anti-money laundering rules don't apply? Is that how it works?

So that's literally what New Zealand is. A back-door to Australia. People steal money from New Zealand and lock it into superannuation funds overseas.

This is what the media article said.

It's fake news -- right?

Made up hokey bogus b*llsh*t.

Apparently one of the workers cried tears of joy when the police came to take him away.

Which is made up -- right? Because the police don't do that.

They didn't imprison him for the fraud.

The police prosecuted. But the police don't do that.

They said that they (the police, the prosecution) couldn't get the money. But the University should in a civil case. But that's backwards -- right? That's now how we do things in NZ.

How we do in NZ is we get Alex to try the civil case.

For no pay.

We get Alex to do it. WE get Alex spending her entire f*ck*ng life doing that.

Why not?

We don't want Medical treatments or immunisations. We only want the 'half the batch will be a control to see how many people die of Coronavirus from not having any treatment' sorts of trials to be done in this country.

When the vaccinations arrive we know what will happen. People will stockpile them instead of giving them to the people they are supposed to be given to. They will try and sell them to the highest bidder.

We know that we can't keep a chain of refridgeration anymore than we can keep a chain of evidnece for prosecution. We simply can't do any of the the most basic of things.

It would be irresponsible to give us vaccines.

But then we are dreaming if we think we are getting quality vaccines when we have made it clear we want the cheapest vaccines we can get and we have no plans whatsoever to bear any of the costs of development. And we do not think that ethical development is a consideration, at all.

Not at all even slightly credible on the world stage.




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