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Re: legal cases

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2020, at 18:23:24

In reply to legal cases, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2020, at 18:13:32

You see, in order to be a University there has to be research. Students and staff have to have the academic freedom to do research to international standards -- otherwise it isn't a University. It is a community college or a trade school or whatever. What is distinctive about University's is that the people there are (may be) engaged in research.

But studnets can't engage in research in New Zealand Universities. The ''Universities'' (in name only) refuse to process graduate studnets research. The average time to completion of a 3 year (360 point 3 EFT 34 notional learning weeks x 3 qualification) at the ''University'' of Otago (ahem, ahaw) is something like 10 years.

But I don't know how that can be because when you simply refuse to sign a studnet off their completion is never so that would throw your stats. So I suppose they discount people who never complete.


They aren't actually awarding Degrees.

Because they won't actually let people complete them.

They say 'you arent' done until we say you are done' and they never say you are done.

You are just expected to keep throwing money at them... To be slaves, basically.

Not many people hired by NZ Universities are actually engaged in research that is acknowledged / accepted internationally. THere's a bit of a local circle-jerk going on of people who decide to opt out of international scene, basically. We don't get very may international acaemics anymore. What few we have look incredably puzzled by teh situation / set-up here. With respect to how the quality of the revered gets to be so low... Sort of looking about a little as to whether it's a whole generation of things having gone horribly wrong with the birthing or toxins or something so that they really are the best of New Zealand research capacity... Or whether there are capable and competent people who are not employed and who are not utilised, here.

It's the later.

People get paid (take for themselves) 1/4 of a million dollars, 1/2 a million dollars 3/4 of a million dollars.. From teh government purse... For themselves. And in exchange they refuse to do their statutory function.

It's the kiwi way.

The head of 'watercare' took 3/4 of a million dollars for himself every year while simultaneously not investing in the building infrastructure needed by Auckland to protect against inevitable period of drought. The government ends up needing to provide a huge bail out to Auckland industry in the form of a purchase to Waikato for more river-water. It's just a giant circle-jerk.

Meanwhile beneficiaries are given $25 per week pay increase. SO landlords increase the rent by $50. That's fair -- right?

It's a nasty nasty land of corrupt incompetents.




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