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Re: legal cases

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2020, at 18:33:29

In reply to Re: legal cases, posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2020, at 18:23:24

Because they failed to legislate to protect against rent increases being higher than the rate of inflation.


Nobody saw it coming!

Wait -- *of course they saw it coming!*

*Of course they did!*

They own rental properties!

They *like* to keep the people oppressed and self-medicating with the cannibus that keeps them sedated and plodding...

Don't worry -- no development, here!!

OUr infrastructure is falling apart. Covid has sort of.. COme at a necessary time, actually. It's masking how our infrastructure is falling apart / not fit for purpose. New Zealand put up a shiny facade... But it's been apparent for a while that there's nobody home -- there's nothing behind it.

For example, there's no point building a shiny new building with capacity for however many whatever... When there's not skilled workers. Because they can't process their applications for the job, they can't select the competent for the job. THey likely cannot arrange pay-roll for the job. They likely cannot arrange workers benefits or housing or any of the most basic of things that people need to perform first world functions. THe administration and the cleaning and all of the things. We can't do any of them. NOthing. There's nothing here.

THey go on about building new infrastcture and expanding. New segments of railway. New motorway sections. But the real problem is that what we have is falling apart. We can't expand becuase we can't afford to maintain. We didn't do the most basic of things we were supposed to do. The Engineers were clear. They had maximum weight limits on trucks and things like that. And what happens is that people decide it's worth the risk to send overweight trucks about on the roads... So they reduce the lifespan of the brige. So then we need lock-downs and we need the bridge to close while we figure how to reinforce it. We can't run our current trains. The tracks on the lines we have are about had it. Teh trains can only run about 3 carriages at about 30ks an hour or something because they fear de-railment. For them to actually fear de-railment means that there's likey a very very real risk. Because usually there would be genuine risk but they would ignore it. Pretend it didn't exist.

It's like locusts of coruption swamped or swarmed through the land...

Universities have been gutted. They don't grade studnet work. They're in the process of letting everyone in... But then people end up with either worthless Degrees and / or the Universities simply won't give them recognised transcripts on the way out.

Overtaken by psychopaths.




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