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legal cases

Posted by alexandra_k on September 18, 2020, at 18:13:32

So I have three legal cases before the courts, now.

One against a University for refusing to process applications to enrol properly.

One against a University for refusing to process application to enrol, refusing to examine a thesis, refusing to base the outcome on examination of thesis, demanding a bribe or exit payment, fraudulent recording of grades...

One against Universities New Zealand (the Vice Chancellor's COmmittee' for refusing to follow their own Whistle-Blower procedure with respect to the previous issue. Refusal to follow procedure, refusal to launch an investigation, refusal to state timeframe on investiation, refusal to state grounds of non-investigation, refusal to take the issue to the Vice Chancellors other than the one who is implicated for a proper hearing and verdict.

New Zealand: It's pretty fuckign corrupt here. It's so corrupt here that the only people they will hire to investigate corruption are either incompetent or corrupt themselves.

I went to a professional conduct committee appeal the other day. A dentist. They had been accumulating patient complaints about him for around 30 years and the majority of complaints were never investigated by tehm.

When they did investigate he lied. He would cite health issues that were made up and not comply with their investigation. Instead of them saying 'you have 30 days to cough up evidence or we will prosecute' they accepted his b*llsh*t excuses... Which blew the costs out of proportion. So then they don't file for the costs. So there isnt' an investigation because they are trying to keep costs down. So they don't prosecute him because they are paid salary either way, I suppose, but prosecuting runs additional court costs.

I don't know.

THen they need to go to a dentist. So they can go to a denist who writes things like 'Nigel [the dentist] thinks Felicity [the patient] is a disgusting filthy girl who spends so much on her face looking so pretty but her mouths is a disgusting cess-pit of putridity because she refuses to engage in the most basic of dental hygeine' on their official patient notes.

I guess that's the kind of world they are happy living in.

Where they get a 'good government job' of investigating / prosecuting professional standards conduct violations. Probably because their mommy or daddy was a lawyer so it is their birthright...


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