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Re: new zealand: it's not working

Posted by alexandra_k on August 17, 2020, at 8:08:27

In reply to Re: new zealand: it's not working, posted by alexandra_k on August 17, 2020, at 7:39:36

and so what's happening is that everything is unravelling and falling apart.

becuase not everybody has the capacity to do x or y or z.

sometimes skills are rare.

but instead of selecting the people with the motivation and capacity to do the thing...

we select people because of our social agenda woot! we want to be closer to this one, we don't like the look of that one. that one makes us feel motivating and inspiring! woot!

and in this manner... none of the things get done.

we don't have competent lawyers developing the legal system for good (we have 'clever' people being 'clever' ho ho ohoho chortle snort). problem is that you can't do business being taken for a sucker being taken for a fool your money can't buy when there's no consequences for people taking you for a fool...

things like... rail system. bridges. roads. sanitation. sewerage. water treatment.

we don't get to have nice things because the people with the capacity...

that just pales into insignificance because we've got a social agenda that everything else is required to be subservient to.

i don't see much if any steps ahead from a large warehouse with one guy or maybe 3 people with speaking rights and everyone else is just averting their gaze bowing their heads. being expected to weave baskets..

sweat shop.

there's a processing thing that happens like that. a meaning-blind typing into the field boxes. people get paid some palty sum. 2 hours commute...

so the lock-down.

things are winding down.


because we don't let the people with the capacity to get and keep things progressing and ticking over get on with it.

we won't let them get on with it.

instead we've got these people who are determined to lead. withotu any knowledge without any vision. just grubbing up everything. micromismanaging everything. making sure nothing works faster than their pace. ensuring nothing gets done. not on their watch.

a lot goes into holding civivilisation down and back...

people are being forced, rather, to retreat from the public sphere.

the public won't let them hide away in vaults forever...

i wonder about the global population numbers. they don't really publicise them.

we were having exponential population growth. that cannot continue forever. you run out of resources. space.

organisational pockets don't work. pockets of organisation... i don't know what to say.

apparently our doctors arne't allowed to read and write. keep notes etc. miscommunication is the problem always. people to retarded to speak honestly. e.g., 'we are testing port workers every week'. only we are not. of course not. why would we do anything we are supposed to do in health. i don't think you get it Prime Minister. we only want people in health who do whatever they want whenever they want because they want. they have no ability to comprehendn or work towards any of the things that are supposed to be done. it's about grubbing up all the grubbity grub grub. do you know how much money there is in health? you (the government) keeps throwing money at us... 22 x 11 district health board members (some serving on more than 2 boards). some qualified doctors. getting half a million or so so as NOT to practice medicine. so as to make sure that there are not the staffing levels, there are not the medications, there are not the resources for any of that to happen. not on their watch.

some hefty contractors out to the private sector...

otherwise not.

it's a scummy scummy scam.

the ER's... do they triage? do they? do they check health insurance at triage do they? how does that work, exactly? who is it exactly taking taxpayer funded helicopter journeys up and down and all around our country?

it's a scummy scummy scam is what it is.

did they really expect the people to put up with it forever??

didn't they ever want to be doctors. like... atually. like.. properly? why didn't they work to that? why didn't they work to develop the knowledge and work to get and ditribute the resources??

those people are crowded out. cannot function.

there's nothing here.

since returning to NZ the country felt like...

like a zombie movie. where did all the people go? to be replaced by money grubbing zombies who collet up all the money and are meaning and ethics-blind. doing none of the things they are paid to do. only preventing anything from being done...

upside down and back to front land...

we hear it's like this for an increasing propoprtion of people all around the world...

nepotism. cronyism. the elite white minority (and a similar thing in all cultures). the psychopaths. the socially focused money grubbing power obsessed controlling people who refuse to allow anything of any value to be done on their watch.

their determination to create a waste-land.

i wonder how much of the population will be culled...

odd thing here about auckland cambridge curriculum senior studnets getting some exemption so they can go to school and have in - person tutorials. not sure why that needs to happen. did the school purchase the worked examples they need to get the studnets through in person . ? can't do it online because there would be a record of the cheating. why do they need to meet in person? can their studnets not type a question in real time? audio no work-y for our kids of wealthy parents? too stupid to work their computers?

the minister of education gave aucklaknd grammer an exemption to meet in person for cambridge curriculum study.

thereby... completely totally and utterly undermining the value of the UK education system.



it's garbage.

game over.




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