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Re: new zealand: it's not working

Posted by alexandra_k on August 17, 2020, at 7:39:36

In reply to Re: new zealand: it's not working, posted by alexandra_k on August 17, 2020, at 2:27:17

So I had some correspondance with a lawyer in NZ. A QC. Who recently submitted a PhD...

So turns out he had been doing rather a lot of pro bono work. Because he really wants his PhD. So it sort of counts as a publication or something, you see. And because getting a PhD is supposed to be your life's work, in New Zealand. PhD's aren't things you get signed off on quickly quickly quickly so you get paid to do your lifes work...

PhD's are things you give to people at the end of their life after they lived their life in slavery. That's the advance that has happened during my lifetime. The gift of my peers. What they have done to the University in my lifetime. They grubbed their PhD's in close to minium time when they were 20 or whatever... And how they refuse to sign their students off for 5 years... 10 years...

So he's doing pro bono work (working for free) for people who can afford to pay. But it's work that's done in a timely fashion that you coldn't pay people to do... Sort of... So, for instance, some of the cases to be heard quickly about the lock-down. For example, someone (cleverly) put in Habeus Corpus to test teh legality of the stay home instructions etc etc etc... That kind of work.

Sort of doing Post-Doctoral fellowship work.

Sort of doing teaching work of a lecturer.


Then you get your PhD and you never get a job. Never get paid. You've done your lifes work (for no pay) already. You see.



What a scummy scummy scummy scammy scum.

They pretend to be intelletually handcapped such that getting the work to the external examiners and allowing them to examine work according to international standards is impossible.


Too hard.

Either the University picks the kids they like (the biggest suck ups) or else... But it must never ever ever ever ever be the case that competent people get signed off in a timely fashion.

Only the inempt and only the incompentent! Only the people who are so focused on the money the money the money the money they get all of the money all of the money all of the money for them. Nobody can do any of the things they are supposed to do. None of the work. No salary. No supplies. None of the work. Nothing there. Nobody home.

I'm sure there's a chief executive of the processing deparment and nobody to process the applications. He's got a entire department of peole's salary all to himself and just doesn't process any of the things. None of the things. Just so long as the Statute says 'may process' he goes 'also may not yay all of the money for me and none of the work!'

It's pretty scummy.

And the Government enables it by choosing to spend it's money thus and so.

Choosing to distribute the money to hte people where the CE's get this and where the minimum wage is, uh... And it's illegal immigrants under the table -- right? That's how the MInistry of Social Development contracts for cleaners and security guards -- right? That's how the CE of the Ministry of Social Developement gets her salary -- right? By not paying the workers of the MInistry? Right? The government... The biggest offender.

Won't even pay the police properly or train the police properly so they can do what they are supposed to do so that the public prosecutor (the what? What's that? do we have one of those?) can put people away so that occasionally there might be some approximation of good business in this country. Instead of the grubby grubby race to the bottom.




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