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Re: restricting supply

Posted by alexandra_k on March 28, 2020, at 23:00:51

In reply to Re: restricting supply, posted by rjlockhart37 on March 28, 2020, at 1:31:12


how are things for you? Texas -- right? My nephew is doing a Masters at Texas Tech. He was planning a trip home with his Texas girlfriend -- but no travel right now.

I purchased a N 95 mask from a pharmacy in Auckland. Only one. NZ post and NZ couriers are still functional. They phoned. Residential delivery. I met the courier on the road and he handed me the package.

I also purchased another face mask from a pharmacy in my block. There is a block of shops below. We only have pharmacies and supermarkets open, right now. Corner stores (7/11 or superettes or dairy's or whatever) are allowed to stay open -- but I think only some are choosing to, right now).

It was $2.50 for a face mask. I asked for N 95 and she said they didn't stock. I brought one.


Apparently the masks that were produced in NZ are required to be purchased by District Health Boards. Only I managed to purchase one. I don't want to get the supplier in trouble -- but just saying the DHB's don't seem to be doing everything they can to buy up the stock. I found that supplier online. No troubles. 3rd hit Google Search.


Apparently the DHB's have all the supplies they think they need. What they aren't doing is actually giving the supplies to the front line staff. Series of excuses now 'they aren't trained in how to use them' and so on and so forth...


I went to the supermarket. I took the mask I brought downstairs (the one that is who knows what rating). It does not form a tight seal around my face. There is no wire on top. I have a... Uh... Honkey Jewish Nose??? Can I say that?? I am not flat-nosed. Face mask no sit tightly against my face. I have my Student Union University of Otago sunglasses with bottle openers on the ears (that will bottle-open open your ears off it you aren't careful) and they help the nose sit more form fitted against my upper face.

To the point that I build up significant amounts of condensation behind my mask / eyewear system...

I become aware that the surgical style masks that most people are wearing are cloth mostly (not plastic filtration). They are well ventillated by way of not being form fitting. They are designed to catch a sneeze or cough that is directly aimed.

I have myself respiratory systems. That are supposed to be tightly sealed. With athletic tape?? They appear... Scary. That's why people hide those kinds of masks with bandanas and so on...

I don't know how long you can wear one witout drowing in all the moisure your respiratory system makes...

That's why they say UV light (sun) steralise them. Dry 'em out.

Pathoma says if you block a tube you get infection upstream.

I worry that the N 95 etc masks are effectively blocking respiratory tubes. I guess that's why they don't recommend them for general public.

I only have 'good' masks. Unfortunately. Too good. Too good for me.

Not sure what I should do next time I go to supermarket.

Athletic tape it up, I guess. See how it feels to do things 'properly'.

Trouble with chemistry laboraties always was the awful goggles.

If I wanna be a surgeon (or work in the ER) then... Well.. Deal.





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