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restricting supply

Posted by alexandra_k on March 24, 2020, at 21:02:02

In reply to no more doctors?, posted by alexandra_k on March 24, 2020, at 19:43:11

So NZ is a primary producer of P95 or P99 face masks.

We are agricultural. That involves a lot of pesticides and sprays.

The masks take filters that are to be replaced (filters are single use).

Looks like replacing the single use filters is cheaper / more cost effective etc than using single use mask after single use mask after single use mask...

Supply has been restricted.

We are great at that.

Restricting supply.

In a primary production of food country how do you get some kids starving of nutritious food and fruit and veges and meat and milk?

You get really really really really good at artificially restricting supply.

At saying 'these goods are not for you'.

We are being told they are for 'health professionals' (not administrators - that would be an abuse of power) and not for the general public.

Supplies to the general public have been stopped. Reduced. Interfered with. So supplies can be diverted to front line health professionals.

Nurses -- right?

The GPs are not putting themselves in the front line. They are hiding behind nurses and zoom chat.

The administrators are hiding away. NOt in the clock tower. They gutted the Univesrity and then fled.

I guess I go on a wait list for a mask... As... Myself. That's all I can do. See how long it takes for one to be supplied to me.

They say you don't need to wear one unless you are sick or at risk of being coughed / sneezed on by someone who is sick.

The risk of being coughed sneezed on by someone who is sick... I don't know. Depends how many people are coughing and sneezing in the supermarket cues.

If I get sick I likely will need to go out to buy groceries.

I would rather have a mask so if people are coughing / sneezing into people in the cues I can wear the mask.

There are a lot of people in the city with nothing to lose.




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