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Re: go home, minister of health

Posted by alexandra_k on April 1, 2020, at 13:58:15

In reply to Re: go home, minister of health, posted by alexandra_k on April 1, 2020, at 12:57:09

And when we don't want infectious disease specialists to say that people should be wearing PPE and using masks and sanitiser we will introduce our own NZ accreditation training program system for training our very own infectious disease specialists.

ANd students will pay thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to the Univerities in applications and enrolments and so on to become infectious disease specialists in New Zealand.

With the promise that they will one day make it and earn a living wage to practice medicine.

Only, they will not give the accrditation to them until they have wasted much of their life and money into getting into the training program.

And they will only sign people out the other end of it if they come on board with their lofty goal of ensuring that nobody wears PPE and nobody wears masks and nobody uses sanitiser becuase that is money that can be spent on, uh, other things.

So you come on board with the party line...

And that is all there appears to be.

That is all there appears to be in New Zealand.

There isn't any education.
Theres isn't any academic or intelletual curiosity.
There isn't any contribution to development.
There isn't any contribution to learning.
There isn't any development of a system of accreditation (only a making up of our own when people don't like international standards because they have found a way to profit themselves at others expense by refusing to adopt internatinal standards).
Our 'development' is only ever a regression or a going backwards.

Things just keep getting worse.

In the name of things being 'better'.

Things just keep getting worse.

I think of how the Otago people said that for years and years and years they signed off on people's degree after they bribed officials overseas to be signed off on their work placement withotu their doing their work placement.

THen they come home and learn that, again, the way they get paid is to do no procedures. To use no resources. To sell your patients data (or even give it away) on request. To practice no medicine. To learn no medicine. To have all the titles and esteem and to have a chunk of money. Just so long as one doesn't practice medicine. Just so long as one prevents other people from being trained and learnign and knowing and practicing. Just so long as one ensures that NOBODY does the job for which one is paid.

And then you can look at how they select which people get which other jobs, often enough.

My supervisor employed to teach 'critical reasoning' to internatioal students whose English may not be the best. Am I really supposed to believe that they had hundreds of applicants and she was the best critical reasoner they had apply? Was she perhaps the worst? Did they perhaps hire her to confuse the hell out of the studnets so they would hand over more and more and more and more and an indefinate amount of money towards english proficiency classes beliving that English proficiency must be their problem when she makey no sense? Why did htey hire her, again?

Maybe because she is incompetent. And because he mother was an English teacher or something so I guess it's her birthright.

New Zealand: It's not working.




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