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Re: For what it's worth Toph

Posted by alexandra_k on January 4, 2020, at 12:48:22

In reply to For what it's worth, posted by Toph on January 3, 2020, at 12:18:50

I guess there are worse ways to be than bored, and it is the time of year to feel nostalgic.

It is nice to see you here, friend.

I hope that things are well, for you, and that the boredom is fleeting / transitory.

I am not doing so well. Story of my life.

Everything used to be (to feel) internal. Like the problem was me. There was something wrong with me. I was doing it to myself or creating it in myself, somehow.

I have come to see that the problem is largely external.

Environmental. Being forced to live in living conditions that do not meet my physiological needs (for temperature and humidity and - intermittently - sound / vibration). Psychological needs (to be let alone).

Being kept handicapped without access to basic resources to meet my needs.

Without having a living wage.

Without having meaningful work.

The government is the major employer. All the government jobs. The government departments. The public Universities. The public hospitals. Etc etc etc. There has been no meaningful work, for me, in this country. Ever. And they are refusing to process me for training place that would give me the opportunity to get the f*ck out and have a life worth living away from here. And they will not let me contribute to here. Because of my inability / unwillingness to hui all day 'noooooooooo you are most esteemed, i want nothing more than to wait on yoooooooooou' kinds of b*llsh*t.

Since returning to this country people have treated me like a retarded child.

They enjoy the fact that I have been disabled, so.

They think it is absolutely hilarious that I didn't let my previous supervisor take 10 years to write a thesis that he was happy to put my name on.

The mob appears to be gaining momentum, now, that I don't get signed off on a research degree.

The person who was churning out a couple (different and distinct) talks per year has been disabled.

No work is done here. No work is done in this environment.

Philosophy professors are publishing in the glossy medical studnets journal (so the students don't get to). Of course!

That's how we roll.


I suppose what will have to happen will be satellite campuses of overseas. Like how there is a Stanford in Singapore, I believe. Something like that.

I don't quite know how that works, though. I guess the idea is that the processing infrastructure / administration capability is provided from overseas because, let's face it, we don't seem capable of processing anything, here, only going 'we pick that one and this one and that one over there to do the things'.

But then we have this problem of free-riding. The people who make their fortunes off of being slum landlords. Those same people who expect a free-ride for their children in the public education system. Those same people who do not set up savings accounts for their childrens education (or whatever their children want to spend the money on when they come of age) because they expect that their children will get entry to the public undergraduate professional degree programs along with scholarships to pay for their elite residential hall fees and the associated tutors who will provide high quality worked examples for them.

If we get US or UK institution branches in NZ then how will the funding for that work?

I guess they will administer their own entry tests.

It wouldn't be so bad if our studnets were to study for the US tests.

It isn't like we have any kind of curriculum for them to be working on.

And with all the internet developed study materials. Khan academy particularly. All kids need is access to the internet and a good pair of headphones and however many hours where people basically let them alone to get on with it.

Would be a significant advance on here.


Returning to this country has been like watching a train wreck happen before my eyes. I can see the inevitable... But nobody will listen to me. And mostly people have invested so they profit from the inevitable. It was their exit strategy, even. They took out something approximating insurance and they can't wait for it to happen.

All my life... Nobody credits me for the work I do / the things I have to say.

Summer scholarship. What came out of that. I wrote about how nobody had looked at the motivational component. Several months later the person who supervised me writes an article with someone else about the motivational component.

I give a talk on stuff to do with delusions that had a summary of a bunch of stuff. Someone is like 'hey that was terrific'. HOwever many months later they write an article and even give a talk to the department that basically takes the work I did as the first part.

I wrote about how things are more unequal in NZ and about how 'equity' places are only used to profit the already most advantaged and about how NZ doesn't seem to think it has obligations to international things including the UN. It was AFTER that that the sports entry scandal in the US. It was AFTER that that we have been going on and on and on about sustainability.

YOu are welcome.

Just keep on taking my things...

Taking my things...

Taking my things...

ANd freezing me out.

You are f*ck*ng welcome.

Where is the justice for me?

(She'll be alright! She can be her own lawyer ahahahahhahahahhahah!)

I f*ck*ng hate it, here.

While the 'chosen ones' run about stabbing babies with needles.

F*ck*ng awesome.




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