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Re: For what it's worth Toph

Posted by alexandra_k on January 4, 2020, at 13:06:14

In reply to For what it's worth, posted by Toph on January 3, 2020, at 12:18:50

I'm sorry Toph,

Things are not well for me.

Obviously and clearly.

Maybe what happened with the boards is that the internet became a little too available to people and you had people sort of... Take over and ruin things for everyone. People who had environmental problems where the solution was out of their power / control.

So the boards became less about medications...

That most of the world doesn't have access to, anyway.

I mean, we can't manage to provide the most basic of things like clean drinking water and vaccinations administered according to manufacturers instructions.

People say 'if you really think things are that bad then why do you want to join us' and I point out 'it's despite of you and not because of you'. Because I genuinely wanted to help make things better but what I see is the people with the power (I didn't say this) seemingly doing whatever they can to make things worse.

People become more invested in stopping people from helping than anything else.

People are more invested in inflicting their traumas on others. On justifying their own substandard choices by inflicting them all involuntarily like on others.

Am I the same as them?

No. Because they are mostly / largely unthinking. Reactors.

I am not a reactor. I spend a great deal of time processing processing processing processing and working through.

So people throw all their sh*t my way so I will process it for them and they see what comes out of me and internalise that for themselves.

Well just call me your Mommy and make sure I never have the resources to do anything other than be your Mommy.

YOur welcome.

It's f*ck*ng cold, I tell you, what.



Babble never was for me because I'm not mentally ill.

It's like Russia was however many f*ck*ng years ago where people are herded into psychiatric institutions for political reasons.

Here has sort of got to there when it comes to development.

We don't have psychiatry, yet, because we are still doing the whole political oppression thing.


People here have decided I can be a lawyer, now. They have decided that that will be a good job for me.


The most important thing is that they choose. And that they choose something that i do not want to do.

The most important thing is that they think they know better than me what is good for me (and for everybody else) and they have the power to inflict their stupidity on the world.

That is the most important thing.

The most important thing is that they rule with an iron fist.

With the masses hanging about their feet singing their praises and begging for crumbs and scraps.

That is the most important thing.

Thats how the people like to live, here.



Let us stab your babies with needles.




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