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Re: Thomas Jefferson

Posted by alexandra_k on June 22, 2020, at 10:37:50

In reply to Re: Thomas Jefferson, posted by sigismund on June 22, 2020, at 0:31:05

> >He was joking when he said about testing less -- the crowd laughed at the joke was what I saw.

> I can't say I felt that

A lot of people didn't feel that. There were also a lot of people in the audience who were not laughing and who did not seem to know how to take what he was saying. Or maybe it wasn't clear whether they were actually listening to the words. Or maybe it wasn't clear whether they actually understood the words they heard.

I do hear you that there was something disgusting about it.


There were an awful lot of white people. I didn't see a single black face going to the Trump rally. That made me... Understand a bit more about why people don't like him / what he appears to represent.

They didn't even seem to be trying to keep social distancing or wear masks or engage in hand sanitising. They seemed to be... Steeling themselves for whatever will be will be... Like... They've got their bomb shelters and their ration supplies and their guns and bring it on... Sort of not understanding the nature of the threat / things they could do to help themselves.

The stadium... I don't think it was a prank that meant half the stadium was empty. I think it was an attempt / intentional effort to make it possible for the supporters to spread out / socially distance.


The people wanted to see him.

They wanted to see him out of his bunker. They wanted to see him present himself before them. They wanted to see him without his face mask. They wanted to appear before him without facemasks on and huddle together and scream and yell and...

I suppose it's part of the job. I don't suppose he could say 'no'. Not sure...

The royalty comes and visits, sometimes. They are expected to rub noses with the great unwashed. They are expected to do it with a smile on their face while saying 'why isn't that delightful!'. They are required to eat what they are presented with and to eat enough of it so the other is satisfied. And so on...

I imagine it would be hard to engage in very much of that without... Becoming corrupted in some way. Yeah. I mean... I am imagining what kinds of sick and twisted motivations or 't*t for tat' one would have or develop or foster so as to keep up the false facade...

I don't like the 'game' of politics. It's psychopaths playing with other people's lives for their own amusement / profit. It isn't very nice.




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