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Re: discrimination in the name of 'equity'

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 22:16:13

In reply to discrimination in the name of 'equity', posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 21:59:21

there's this ideology that they like to spread around...

this ideology that it is too costly to hold them to account. so that they won't be held to account. it is clearly to their benefit, primarily, that they spread this ideology that it will be too costly to punish them. for all the people who decide to profit themselves at everyone else's expense. for all the people who sucked it up sucked it up sucked it up for their very own ultimate goal of being themselves in the position where everybody sucks up to them... all these people are very very invested in the ideology that it is costly to hold them to account.

there is another ideology that psychopaths like to spead around.

it is an ideology whereby medical advances come at cost to some. so some people will be sacrified. and many many animals. for scientific advances. this idea that development would be delayed or slowed if we did not commit atrocities or if we slowed down our rate of committing atrocities.

i say this because I'm thinking:

suppose you know that a company turned a blind eye to (or actively experimentd on people without properly obtaining consents)... the issue, then is that if they would do that... then why would you think they wouldn't do other things that are also bad such as... lying about the data of what they found, even. ? . why would you think that they sold out their people to help you? why wouldn't you think that they sold out their people and they are currently working very very hard to take further advantage of you as well?

i mean to say that people who have demonstrated their willingness to expend of some... well... it's not worth doing business with them. you can't. they are immoral and untrustworthy people. i mean... who in their right mind would buy surgical mesh off of people if you learned that they had much much fun over many many years creating all kinds of harm in people by leaving all kinds of things in people... why would you think they wouldn't be trying to further get to do those kinds of things to you? while you pay tehm a fortune for their 'medical advance'?



singer had good things to say about animal research.

and of cousre the psychopaths set about perverting it as they set about perverting the message generally about us not needing to exploit animals as much as we appear to like to.

they always focus on the 'kill a rat to save humanity'. they like to set up that situation. they like to play that game. they like to slippery-slope it into experimenting on alzheimers and dementia and anesthetised patients who nobody can hear protesting.

it's to be found in the little things.

the truth.

it's to be found in the little things that can be done. to make things more humane. the little things that can be done so the lab animals are kept in better conditions. the things that can be done to reduce harm. whether reduction of harm is on the agenda.

or whether their primary interest appears to be in inflicting as much hardm and damage and torture as they can get way with, for as long as they can get away with it.

their attitude.




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