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Re: advanced research!

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 17:52:36

In reply to Re: advanced research!, posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 17:43:58

and i know they are full of excuses about what they are doing in training / teaching their students.

it might sound like a stupid dipshit of a research project (forecasting the increased need for general practitioners in New Zealand over the next 5 or 10 years) but it's teachign students necessary skills in data analysis and we have a data set (of completely useless survey information on what brown-nosers say they want to do into the future)...

but it isn't.

it is just marketing: 'go away. there are no good competent people here. go away. leave us to our money riches. it is too costly for you to become involved with the situation here. go away. leave us to our money / riches'.

but the sh*t don't stay here. they collect up a chunk of money and try and do things with it that creates problems for every f*ck*ng body else.

i don't know who the firm was in NY. if it was an elaborate set-up to get rid of the DHB or if the US needed to do something about the NY firm because of NZ spreading sh*t overseas as well.

Waikato Uni is just as bad. They put in a bid for a medical school recently. Because their little beady eyes lit up at the prospect of collecting up more and more and more student money while passing those studnets off as 'doctors' (for no pay) locally.

there isn't really a shortage of GPs. We have a system that creates an artifical shortage insofar as their actually is one. A system whereby you see your GP for help getting your house insulated. That kidn of thing. So the GPs spend all the time there is doign paperwork. YOu know, nobody practices medicine actually. People are only paid to make sure that nobody practices medicine actualy and the people do not have access to medicine actually. Usually in the name of equity, no less.

I mean... What do Gps do?

NOt give people antibiotics -- becase it's probably viral.
NOt test what it is -- because it's probably viral.
Not test what virus it is -- because the recommendation for treatment would likely be the same.

Thanks for payig me fifty bucks, stay home, rest up, drink water. Good luck.

COllect some data. Upload the information to databases fo r the training of robotic doctors.

Hand over the data to foreign software systems and the like. Upload the data. Hand over the data. Thanks for all the data.

Try and bully / coax / cajole people into having increasing amounts of data collected. Cervical smear data. Fecal sample data. Colonoscopy biopsy data. All hte data. Have a scan. Upload data.

so we can watch the progression of what happens with you.

So that we can use the information for timely intervention of people overseas.

Thanks for your data.

It's remarkable how people sell out -- without even being paid, often. People don't even sell-out. For their own personal profits. THey just sort of do what they are bullied into doing.




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