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advanced research!

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 17:40:35

at the end of second year of university students can apply for summer research scholarships where they get up to $5,000 to produce advanced research!

they seem to work on projects as a team and they are supposed to produce a poster.

it's all very advanced research. typically involving something to do with the production of a phone application that would enable people to track a health related parameter like blood pressure or whatever on their cell phones.

becuase the precedent is that District Health Boards might pay millions and millions of dollars for production of such an app.

In fact, there is precendent!

Only, it was the Waikato District Health Board paying millions and millinos of dollars to some organisation in NY under vague promises to develop an appliction. It involved one of the District Health Board members making a number of business trips to NY and staying in fancy hotels and so on...

Before the District Health Board was fired, by the Government, for corruption.

But you know, our Univerities lead the way. With industry and all that.


There is no basic science research. That I can see. Simple experiments. Good experiments.

It's all about seeming clever.

The students (on the team) being pitted against one another for who shall be awarded favored studnent (best brown-noser) status.


Where are New Zealanders supposed to go for an education?


We are supposed to hunker down in our homes. Cambridge Curriculum by Correspondance. What is the point in achieving National Standards? National standards are not recognised internationally and will likely be taken away nationally wihtin the next 5 years or whatever.


Work towards overseas examination.


Do much research on where to apply to.

Apply to study at a University.

We don't appear to have Universities.

Because we don't appear at all interested in international standards.

We don't have the ability to get with the program. To grasp teh ideology.

The most basic ethical / moral sense is lacking.

People here abuse their own kids. THey would eat them if they thought it would be to their own advantage. Or... They feel their job as parents is to push their kids up the great hierarcy of being at the expense of everyone else.


I can't get over how in the supposedly developed world Universities here refuse to process my stuff.

All these armies of people employed to process stuff.

Refuse to process stuff.

THeir function appears to be to conceal where the money goes.

How things are progressively worse for more and more and more and more of us as these f*ck*ng psychopaths take over the world and ruin things for us all.




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