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Re: Disruption and taking flight. SLS

Posted by Tabitha on February 22, 2016, at 10:33:41

In reply to Disruption and taking flight. Tabitha, posted by SLS on February 21, 2016, at 4:03:48

> Hi Tabitha.
> You gave me reason to give more thought to all of this troll stuff while I ate dinner. I felt that perhaps I was exaggerating out of frustration. One thing is certain, I am frustrated. Otherwise, I wouldn't post these things.

I think I understand. There was a person back around '06 that became the center of controversy on Social. We came to believe she was faking reports of suicide attempts, once going so far as to create an account pretending to be her own mother, reporting that she was hospitalized. Naturally we were angry, but every attempt to call her out on her behavior led to PBC's and blocks. Meanwhile, people who didn't know the history would see a bunch of meanies picking on the poor struggling person, and the board became divided into her defenders and her detractors. Bob just let it continue, despite that the formerly mostly supportive atmosphere was wrecked by the disruption. Those of us most bothered by it even went off and created an alternate group to escape. It was really frustrating.

> I was inclined to perhaps give this situation the benefit of the doubt - again. However, I keep coming to the same conclusions. (Not that my conclusions are necessarily valid). I wish things were different.

Yes, it's impossible to know what's behind the posting behavior we see. I'm sure it's easier for me to be charitable right now since I've been away, and haven't been watching posters driven away by seeing a board with such strange anti-psychiatry posts over and over in every thread.

However, I want to just throw this out there. I had an experience last year where a person was planning (expensive) events associated with one of my hobbies. Ultimately it turned out that it was a sort of Ponzi scheme, where more and more advance ticket sales were being used to fund current and past obligations. Finally it collapsed and over a hundred people were left with worthless (expensive) tickets and unpaid debts. Yet she still had enough good will left in the community that people contributed to a fund-raiser to supposedly keep her out of jail. I was very angry over losing money, and even moreso over feeling that I'd been fooled. Then it went on and on with her promising she would make good on the debts, and the community divided into those that still supported her, and those that felt she was dishing out BS.

I spent a lot of mental energy wondering if she was sincere or had been a con artist all along. Ultimately I went with "never attribute to malice what can be explained with simple incompetence" and I felt a *lot* better with that conclusion. So I just thought you might want to consider an alternative viewpoint, if you're not completely comfortable with viewing the situation here as deliberate trolling.

Regardless, I really appreciate you continuing to do what you can to create a supportive and useful community here.




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