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Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences?

Posted by alexandra_k on February 26, 2021, at 4:48:15

In reply to Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences? alexandra_k, posted by Phillipa on February 25, 2021, at 18:55:47

it's not exactly all the knowledge... it is only little bits an pieces of it, as i understand it, as i study immunology at undergraduate level, and as I try and understand the content studying for the Step Examinations (Step one towards a 3 step examination).

There is still a lot that I should know -- but I don't.

Mammograms detect masses in tbe breast / auxillary region. So a mammogram might detect a mass that is benign (nothing to worry about) during an acute phase of response to vaccine. That is to say, your lymph nodes in your axillary (armpit) region might be temporarily swollen as your b cells are reproducing (colony expansion) to develop your bodies capability to crank out antibodies against Coronavirus if you ever encounter exposure to it in the wild.

The mammogams cannot tell the difference between a swelling due to cancer and a swelling due to normal antibody response to a virus.

As Pathoma says (a guy from University of Chicago who has a Pathology studybook towards step one exam): Only a pathologist can diagnose cancer.

That means that you need to get a sample (a bunch of cells by way of a biopsy or very invasive swab that scrapes off a bunch of cells) to the laboratory for a trained pathologist to take a look under a microscope and say whether the cells are cancerous or not.

They can do genetic testing of the cells, too, to see if they have genetic abnormalities indicative of cancer.

But the first step is a biopsy sample of the tissue so the pathologist can take a look. And to decide whether to send a sample of tissue to the lab... They need to see a swelling or a hard node on mammogram. But the trouble is that temporary or transient normal immune response to vaccination looks like swelling to to be further investigated...

So... If you mammogram is clear...

Then you get a vaccine...

Wait for your immune response to settle before getting another mammogram.

I think that might be the take-home.

With repect to which vaccination... I don't know enough to believe I can make an informed decison about the mrna vaccines vs waiting for a non-mrna vaccine. In other words... I think the way they are rolling it out is respectable / reputable . You have the power to decide... But probably nobody knows enough to know which is the better idea. Which is precisely what makes it worth them trying to find out. It's not subjecting the underclass to the intervention (or lack of) known in advance to be inferior. It's genuinely an open question.

Some of the wealthy elite have been trying to use their privaledge to jump the cue.

And others of the wealthy elite have been trying to use their privaledge to refuse vaccines when offered (as is their human right).


Reasonable people can disagree.

And sometimes it's not clear what the best course of action is (whether one is looking out for onself primarily or looking to the group primarily).

I think I would take the vaccine if I had quality of life in the USA.

I think... I won't take the vaccine here.

But I fear that my rights will be taken away by teh government. I'll lose my right to travel etc. So eventually I will be forced to comply.

ANd I'll be forced to spend my days documenting the war crimes and atrocities of the NZ government. Because they refuse to allow me (and others like me) a way of life.

And they refuse to process applications and completinos etc to medicine to ensure their people never have medical treatment or informed consents.




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