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Re: Trinellix feel like an SSRI? stargazer2

Posted by SLS on July 7, 2020, at 20:50:59

In reply to Re: Trinellix feel like an SSRI?, posted by stargazer2 on July 7, 2020, at 13:55:47

> So would it be good for someone that never responded well to an SSRI? Buspar did nothing for me the one time I took it years ago. Its seems like it would not work for me as I have only responded well to Marplan and Nardil.
> One other combo that worked fairly well was Celexa, Wellbutrin and Adderall. Not sure why.
> I used to keep diaries of all of my med combos but I think I destroyed it out of frustration and to tell my pdoc what meds worked at what doses.
> that got exhausting but it was quite a history. I think when I saw John Krystal at Yale who is a researcher in intractable depression, I summarized by history. It didnt matter cause he was as useless as I never knew a top scientist could be.
> all I know is that this forum and my own research is the way I am still alive. I dont think many docs know what they are doing . I think it is still a dart game of throwing treatments at you until one sticks.

I agree. There isn't much for a doctor to go on except his experiences with his patients and those of his colleagues. A good doctor will have a feel for symptom clusters and illness history and might hit the bullseye more quickly.

Trintellix can't be compared to an old SSRI. It can't be compared to a combination of SSRI + anything else (not even buspirone). I'm glad that you have been partially responsive to a SSRI + Wellbutrin. Is Wellbutrin in any way a bad drug for you? Have you tried combining it with Effexor or Pristiq?

Everyone responds so differently to psych meds. For me, Trintellix didn't produce a hint of sedation or apathy. I lost weight on it. People experience an improvement in cognition with Trintellix, even if they don't respond to it as an antidepressant. There is no drug comparable to Trintellix with regard to its actions at serotonin receptors. Who knows what else it does. I would consider staying on Wellbutrin as you trial different drugs. It can even be combined with an MAOI, although I have never seen anyone benefit from adding it. Wellbutrin actually makes my depression noticeably worse.

Andrew Nierenberg at Harvard/Mass General is recommending Trintellix for treatment resistant depression. My experience with Trintellix was miserable, but that doesn't seem to be a very common story.

- Scott

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