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Re: Question..please help re: alzheimer's, depression

Posted by bleauberry on March 6, 2020, at 19:21:54

In reply to Question..please help re: alzheimer's, depression, posted by jay2112 on February 17, 2020, at 12:08:31

Over the decades several people here have tried Memantine. I was one of them. I cannot recall anyone getting great results from it.

30 years is plenty of time to think about getting off of that train and onto another one.

Whatever has been tried the last 3 decades - I assume is psychopharmacology - is clearly, obviously, blatantly the wrong path for you. Unless you have gotten some benefit but you just want more.

People here generally disagree with my perspective on psychiatry and that's fine. But I will share with you. I am of the belief that the vast majority of treatment resistant psychiatric patients are actually suffering from something non-psychiatric, and that the usual culprits are things that create remarkable toxicity in the body and change naturally functions of the hormones and the brain. I'm talking about Lyme disease, other tick-born diseases such as Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasma, Epstein Barr virus, and others, Mold toxicity, and heavy metals toxicity.

Toxicity of all kinds do one thing - they clog up receptors all over the place, and they change the chemistry and functioning of the brain because of those blockages.

Remove amalgam fillings. Do heavy metal chelation. Take doxycycline for one month, stop for a week, and then take a standard Lyme lab test (Lyme is notoriously difficult to get an accurate test, pre-treatment with antibiotics makes it much more accurate, long story for another day), do Sporonox or Diflucan for mold and take activated charcoal on an empty stomach to absorb toxins, and start studying at various websites - Bill Rawls, MD, Marty Ross, MD - everything mold related and everything lyme related. I'm not saying to do these things, I am saying these are things you could do and you should learn about. These are the things that ended my 20 years of treatment resistant depression.

Long story short, when pharmaceuticals fail, shift the focus to these two things: 1.Anti-toxicity 2.Anti-inflammation. Because everything I mentioned - stealth microbial chronic low level infections, heavy metals, mold - cause systemic inflammation and brain inflammation with all kinds of psychiatric symptoms that the meds just cannot fix.

You will be astounded to find out how powerful ticks and mold are at causing strong resistant psychiatric symptoms.

I think it is important for every psych patient to know that when their hopes in medications do not work out, that there are other approaches, and that the fact that the meds didn't work, is a clear signal another approach is needed.

I had two doctors who specialized in taking treatment resistant depression patients and getting them close to remission or remission. Their success was 9 out of 10 patients. 90%. The treatment was not what you would expect. It is months of 3 different antibiotics, followed up short runs of Sporonox and activated charcoal for mold and yeast, repeated if needed. Psych meds at the end of treatment were either low doses or stopped completely.

Whether anyone goes that direction themselves or not - they should at least know that that world exists and a lot of psych patients have new lives because of it.




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