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Re: ..::: Parnate augmentation? (Nardil other meds) Muad' Dib

Posted by undopaminergic on December 21, 2019, at 9:51:56

In reply to ..::: Parnate augmentation? (Nardil other meds), posted by Muad' Dib on November 9, 2005, at 5:47:10

> Ok I've been taking through august till october - 90mg of "old" Nardil for my social phobia and depression. It has worked WONDERS!!! I mean I never would have believed that a legal med could work in such a way.
> Right now I have no more access to Nardil so I started using Parnate for a month. It increases my motivation, I have higher self-esteem but it is NOT Nardil at all!

Nardil (phenelzine) has a GABAergic effect that other MAOIs do not share. That may explain the difference, especially regarding social phobia.

> So, I'm thinking of augmenting it with something else. Here is the list of things I've tried and things I would like to try:
> - ECA Stack (Ephedrine + Caffeine) = increases sociability and energy

Ephedrine releases noradrenaline and with a MAOI, it could induce severe hypertension. As always, it is the dose that makes the poison, so if you start low and follow up on your blood pressure, you should be safe. If you have already tried this safely, it would suggest amphetamine can also be used safely.

> - Klonopin = from 0.5mg-3mg = no effect, at 3mg I get very sleepy

This is, along with other benzodiazepines, the most intuitive thing to try. Too bad that it didn't work.

> - Alcohol (beers/vodka at reasonable doses) = no effect on sociability (!), without Parnate alcohol makes me *VERY* pro-social and on Nardil it would make me *EXTREMELY PRO-SOCIAL*. But on Parnate it strangely doesn't work.

Yes, that is strange. As if the Parnate somehow keeps you sober.

> I haven't tried anything else, but I'm *pretty sure* that following things would work well on sociability with Parnate:
> - Xanax or Xanax XR

Yes, like I said, a benzo is an intuitive addition. And it's safe. It's worth trying.

> - Xyrem (GHB)

If you can stay awake, yes, it may work for sociability. It has been called the liquid ecstasy.

> - amphetamine in low dose

With caution, this can be a powerful augmentation.

> What do you think about augmenting Parnate with:
> - Trivastal (piribedil) = potent dopamine agonist D2/D3

Or pramipexole or ropinirole.

> - Stablon (tianeptine) = selective serotonin reuptake enhancer - would it be good? or is there a problem with serotonin syndrome?

There's no obvious reason why this wouldn't be safe. It does the opposite of SSRIs.

> - Amisulpride = dopamine antagonist D2/D3 and GHB agonist - in the past it worked wonderfully for my social-anxiety, but it pooped out. Do you think it would be wise to use with Parnate?

Excellent idea in my mind. Sulpiride is an alternative. So is flupenthixol.

> - any kind of SSRI, especially Prozac ? SSRI alone didn't work at all for me = no good/bad effects.

This is very dangerous. Better experiment with tryptophan first, and then 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP). Be careful.

> - Ultram (tramadol) = dangerous or OK at low doses?

At low enough doses yes, but at normal doses it could induce serotonin syndrome.

> - Baclofen = GABA(B) agonist - similar to GHB
> - Lyrica (pregabalin)

Both of these should be safe.

> - Survector (amineptine) = dopamine reuptake inhibitor ? (I guess that would be not so wise because of too much dopamine)

Yes, right. You could possibly get a psychotic or manic reaction. This substance is also hard to get your hands on.

> - Adrafinil ?

Safe enough, but why not modafinil instead?

> - Concerta/Ritalin ?

Should be safe, but caution is warranted. There is some evidence that methylphenidate can elevate adrenaline.

> - Gotu Kola? Picamilon? Phenibut?
> - "smart drugs" ?

Most of them should be safe, but you need to research specific options more carefully.

> And one last thing - how dangerous is to use Parnate (around 60mg/day) with:
> - low dose MDMA

Extremely dangerous.

> - LSD (200-400 ug)
> - psylocybine mushrooms, also low dose

These should be safe, but the tranylcypromine (Parnate) (and other drugs taken at the same time) could alter your "trip", possibly in a bad way.

> Could I lower my Parnate dose and add DEPRENYL (selegiline) at 5mg/day ? How would such combination work?

Adding selegiline should be equivalent to low doses of amphetamines. Otherwise, adding a MAO-B inhibitor to a potent unselective MAOI would be pointless. Note that the amphetamines you get from selegiline are the l-isomers, and there is a reason why the d-isomers (dextro-) are usually preferred in most amphetamine preparations -- only Adderall contains any l-amphetamine at all.

> I really appreciate your input and take care guys!!!

I hope you're still around to read this!





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